Friday, November 28, 2014

Bacardi Has A Fieldtrip

What is this, TWO posts in one day?

I don't think this has ever happened, for me, in the history of blog, so can we please just take a moment..

OK! Today was adventurous. In many positive, and some kind of negative ways.

Bacardi went on a fieldtrip, as we have gathered form the title. He was a mostly good baby OTTB and it was a mostly positive experience.

I say mostly because we had....some learning experiences.

Yesterday we worked on getting in the trailer. After 2 hours, we came to an understanding and he got 2 feet on. That was HUGE. I was determined to get somewhere with him in a non aggressive way. It took 2 hours of insane patience, but we got there. And I think deepened our bond a bit too.

This weekend my boarder and I planned to move the babes to an indoor arena about 10 minutes from our farm. She's letting us pasture board for the weekend and utilize her MASSIVE indoor for an insanely cheap price. So happy I could die.

The biggest road block was getting there.

This AM though I was confident he would load and he did! After about 15 min he loaded all the way on and was just OK. He was a little scared, but trusted me enough to remain calm. Something bad must've happened to him in a trailer...feel bad for B. Lilly loaded right up, surprisingly, and we were on the way.

Just want to give myself a huge high five for stupidly loading two flighty beasts on a trailer by myself and not injuring any of us. That was dumb...but successful. Go me. I would say I'll never do that again, but I seem to be shorthanded on barn bitches, so it will definitely happen again.

Getting OFF the trailer was another story.

Not only is he afraid to get on, he is also terrified to get off. The other 2 times we've trailered I've attached the lunge line and then stood waaaaaay out of the way behind him, opened the divider up as wide as it would go and he would just turn himself around and come out front first. Always went well.

Yeah he wasn't having that today. Took him about ten minutes to muster up the courage to get leave, and when he did he slipped on poop on the way out and fell on his bum.

 Excellent. Really great in building confidence. Face fucking palm.

Luckily just a few scrapes, no blood...but he was a bit rattled so I left him for a few hours with hay and decided to come back later to ride.

He was truly excellent for our ride, even with all the buzz and a new place. He was a little tense at first but relaxed into stretchy walk and trot within 5 minutes. A little stiff in the canter, assuming from his little fall, so I just worked him at the trot-which was more than enough!

It was so delicious to ride on solid footing for once. It been 6 months since I've even seen an arena and it was heaven. I almost died of happiness. Like, I think my heart stopped for a second or two when I walked into the arena.

Here's some super grainy, really terrible, self taken video screenshots.

Ugh, he's so awesome
Schooled transitions, halts, being round and through, serpentines and 10, 15 & 20m circles. It was a dream. Bacardi didnt even lose his shit being alone. That horse is a true eventer. He pours his heart into every workout. He was never distracted, not one time while his feet were moving. Phenomenal. Claps for B.

After about 45 minutes the workers showed up and began bringing horses in & he started to lose grip on his sanity a bit. I figured that was a good time to stop, and we called it a day.

For a baby, he's shown up to the party every time. Yeah, hes a bit spastic and has his issues. But for everything he's been through in the last 2 weeks with Yankee leaving, and even getting IN the trailer, I couldn't be more proud.

Little B is going place someday, I can feel it!

How stinkin cute are these nuggets
Tucked him in with his barnmate for the night and left him to mull over the days activities. If horses even do that. Can't wait to go back. Hopefully we can get actual pictures and more fun updates for tomorrow!

The American Way

So Thanksgiving has passed and we are hardcore into the holiday season. Christmas dec's are going up, holiday music is on the radio and Black Friday madness is upon us. We've even already had our first snow!

In true American fashion, you know, wanting for things we dont need to survive/function but still lusting after anyways because Americans, I am now silently wishing for Santa to bring me a few things this Christmas.

 I love Christmas; I enjoy giving gifts to my friends and family, I love spending time with said friends and family and I love eating! The holidays just make me a happy person!

As an equestrian it is really hard to come up with an answer to "What do you want for Christmas this year?" Well obviously everything. But I cant exactly expect anyone but myself to drop hundreds of dollars on a gift for me. I wish I could ask for the things I can't afford, but really, its not about the gifts-its the thought people put into it! I try to keep that in mind during the season.

That being said.

I have 3 lists. Not because I'm greedy, but because I am a realist and practical...but still also wanty.

List 1: Things I Want & Cant Afford and Other People Cant Afford Either Without a Second Mortgage
List 2: Things I Want But Shouldnt Get Because...
List 3: Things I NEED But Don't Want

Let us please swoon over the first item on my firs unrealistic list at a cool $2900, used, ...Voltaire saddles

The Lexington

The Elkton
Can we please just take a moment of silence to appreciate the sexiness and practicality of these saddles.

I of course don't want BOTH because that would be excessive. But I cant decide which one I would love to own. I have a stupid long leg and have been riding in saddles that literally fit no part of me since forever. I've always fit for the horse first and dealt with the saddle.

Exhibit A:

Long legs do not fit Burney
Exhibit B:

Long legs do not fit Crosby either & actually put me in a terrible position

Both of the Voltaire saddles are known to fit high withered TB's and stupid legs people like myself. I cant imagine how much better I might ride in a saddle that ACTUALLY fits me & is literally made for XC and jumping. And pretty. Cant handle it. Now if I only had a spare $3000+ laying around....

Second item I am currently obsessing over would be the FreeJump stirrups.

These are seriously divine and would look smashing on my future Voltaire saddle, blue please. Or red. Or silver. At about $280-$440 +shipping depending on where you aquire them.  Thats not terrible in contrast to other expensive items...but I don't think I would ever have the balls to ask for fucking stirrups that cost almost $300 for my birthday or christmas. Because they're stirrups. I put my stinky boots in them. I literally only want them because they look sick...and might have some practical usage. I can see how this would improve grip and possibly position. They are also composite which are all the rage. Also, the outside edge is a flexible material allowing for foot to slip out in a fall. Yay safety!

If you're feeling super wealthy you can buy the stirrup leathers that were made specifically for them at another like $100, but plain leathers would work. I just want them okay?

Getting a hold of them is another story! Theyre sold out on the FreeJump website, along with almost everything else they sell.. But I did find them at another online store after some google searching.

Last item I want but know I can never have would be Parlanti Custom Made Tall Boots

Because fucking Parlanti.

No but really, these are beyond gorgeous and I also have never had a pair of tall boots fit my freakish body. I have stupid long legs, as we established before, coupled with man calves from hell. For reference, they are 19 1/3 inches around.... that is extremely uncommon in size 9 measurements. AKA, not offered. I have NEVER had boots that actually reach my knee like theyre supposed to and I've always had to customize them after I buy them anyways with darts or extensions put in the calves.

Exhibit A:

Bout 5 inches too short.
Another prime example of how my saddle doesnt fit me either!
To FINALLY have a pair of boots that are not only gorgeous, but would last forever if I took care of them and actually FIT my body would be a dream come true. Plus you can put an American flag at the freaking cool is that!

Cool enough for about $1042

*GASP* Maybe one day along with the Voltaire....

A tack whore can dream right?

As for List 2, it includes a few things I'm a little wanty about but arent exactly NEED needs. Like a jumping bit for B since I shipped out the one Yankee and B were sharing with Yanks. And it would be excellent if someone could pay to register B with USEA, I've been putting it off. While I think about it, I need to renew my USEA membership for 2015. One day it'd be cool to fork over the $1000 and register for life. I could really use a few more pairs of breeches since all of mine have holes in them, and some riding gloves for the same reason. I also keep forgetting that my XC vest was stolen and I kind of need one to compete. That being said, I've also fallen wearing my beloved Charles Owen helmet about 4 times, and REALLY need to replace it....

Which bring me to the dreaded List 3. The responsible adult list. The one I actually NEED to take care of. But dont want to because shiny horse things that I also kind of need but dont really to function as an adult in real life.

I've pushed a lot of things by the wayside in lieu of horsey bills. They do eat a lot.

I've had a seriously cracked windshield for almost a year now and haven't bit the bullet to fully replace it. I'm sure I will owe taxes this year too like I did last year. I have a huge routine vet bill to pay. I need to get new license plates and a license since I moved states and my tags expired last month. I need to activate my dogs microchip. Medical bills. The adult responsibility list goes on and on....

The strugg is real during the holiday season!

Is there anything that you're truly lusting after for this season?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What Do Wednesday

Another round of What Do is here!
First off, is it seriously almost Thanksgiving? Did another week really fly by? Did I really ride 0 times since the last post?
Also, B thanks everyone for siding with him on his clip job. He thinks he's too hot to trot.
Here's a picture of my mud monster since I did nothing else this week.

For this round, I am wondering what you all do for bedding. I know this sounds lame, but for anyone with horses at home, like me, you know it its the largest PTA.
Even if you don't have horses at home, I want to know what your barn does! Because I am an idea thief. So tell me your secrets.
I've battled with what to do for bedding almost my entire horsey life...approx 16 years.
There are 7 things I take into account when I look at bedding:
1) cost 2) durability 3) actual usefulness (this should have a coefficient of 2) 4) ease of cleaning 5) storage 6) availability
As new owners way back in the day, we naively bought bagged shavings.
WORST EVER. I hate shavings from a bag. Hate hate hate. Expensive as all hell @ $6/bag with a min. of 5 per stall. It also only looks pretty for a day. Absolutely useless in terms of soaking ability and cushioning power. Also sticks to everything, Impossible to muck & literally becomes part of blankets and tail hair. The only plus I give it is its storage superpowers. Can be stored outside or inside and stackable. Literally you can get this Satanic shit everywhere. TSC, Rural King, Walmarts, Pet Stores and other grain Stores. 2/6.
Then we started buying from the sawmill.
Which, hands down, is THE BEST. Not only is it cheap ($30 a trailer load), but it stays clean longer, absorbs more, doesn't stick to poop nuggets, easy to muck, provides adequate stall coverage/cushiness and brushes out of coats easily. Also downside is finding a place to store it. If you do not have an indoor area, storing it outside is miserable. More than 25% I would say gets thrown in the wind, literally, and gets ruined by moisture. Also freezes in the winter making it impossible to use. I do prefer this bedding though for summertime. Some people have issues with availability and finding random shit in the sawdust...but I've been lucky. 5/6
Other things I've dabbled with is the bagged pellet bedding.
 Its very expensive for one. About $7/bag. It takes many many bags for one stall. I would say 4 wetted down and 2 dry, for a total of 6-7. The GOOD news is that this bedding last FOREVER, especially if you use 2 dry bags.
It absorbs like WHOA and one of the pluses is you can LEAVE the wet spots and stir it up. It reabsorbs into the dry bedding! You do have to wet the other 4 bags down, to get the bedding to plump up, which is a PTA. Overall though I love this stuff on limited use or used in tandem with sawdust. Brushes out easy, doesn't stick and is SO easy to clean. Storing it outside can be tricky- if their are holes in the bag the bedding will expand and get ruined before you use it! Best to store inside, but since its bagged, stackable! Also, it seems to be widely available at TSC, Rural Kings and other grain stores in the area. I would give this 4/6.
Lastly, I've recently discovered the holy grail of bedding when I can't use sawmill bedding.... Ground corn cobs.
Seriously. THE BEST EVER. Might be better than sawdust. $3/bag. Takes about 4 bags per stall, more if you want. Absorption level: MAXIMUM. You can also stir this bedding up like the pellets.
When it comes to cushion it is very "bouncy". My horses LOVE it. When it comes to cleaning, it is a BREEZE. Nuggets sift right out and you stir up the wet spots. It lasts ages and you only need to add a bag every so often and remove the super soaked spots after about a week. Store inside or out and stackable! Super duper light bags too. It sticks to blankets but brushes right off. Only downside: Bacardi sometimes munches on it. I don't know how available it is nationwide, but I get them at Rural Kings as they are not avail at TSC. 6/6 in my book! 5/6 for everyone else if you don't have Rural Kings.
So, dear tell, what do?!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Stuff & Things

Since the last traumatic ride, I gave B a week off to chill. He also lost his best friend, so I gave him time to cope.

He handled it rather flawlessly considering the Winter Wackies. I can't tell if he just doesnt give any fucks, or he's depressed about it, but he's been surprisingly chill. His QH friend was gone for the entire weekend too, and he literally did not care. He might be defective after all.

It warmed up to a balmy 60* and I begrudgingly purchased a new set of clipper blades (UGH Y U SO EPENSIVE), so I was finally able to attempt to finish clipping the B.

He's not exactly the best little horsie when it comes to clipping. I've been super spoiled by Yankee who would fall asleep while being clipped. It certainly was nice.

B is rather...flinch-y.

Like, more than normal ticklish. I'm guessing hes also only been clipped once, judging by the fear in his eyes. All that considered, he was relatively OK for his second round. I learned he will NOT tolerate his asscheeks being touched, and HATES his neck being clipped. Surprisingly the elbow area was easy, but he did not care for the belly being touched or his flanks. Which pretty much leaves his rump and ribcage. HAH.

Drum roll please.....
like...what is this

srsly what are this
So that happened. Its rather...unique. He literally refused to let me shave his belly or the stripes you see, so he now has a rad, very interesting body clip. I see a new trend starting...maybe?

Most likely not, but I'm pretending that it was on purpose and I'm just gonna roll with it.

The more I look at it though the more it hurts me, so I might twitch the poor lad and shave those stripes off to even him up a bit. He really looks ridiculous.

The side pictured is the prettier one. He had about had enough by the time I got to the other side, even with The Boy force feeding him cookies to distract him. He was twitchin so badly my blades were skippin. He has some lovely crooked lines and track marks on the other side and he's not exactly even either...

Oh the joys of baby horses.

His other adventures this week include rolling in mud and working on some tricks.

He's ridiculously smart when it comes to clicker training (which I've been using for trailer training) & I taught him a few basic tricks in two 15 min sessions.

We've been working on leg holds, with all four paws. Target with nose. "Follow-me", he follows me forward and back. See my instagram for the video! Its pretty neat. Also, he learned the beginning of a bow.
Note the very fashionable barn wear I've spoken of in previous posts

Eventually I think it would be insane if I could could get him to Spanish walk, bow fully, stand on a podium, kiss, count and smile. I think that's what we shall work on this winter in addition to his regular training.

He's so eager to learn and as soon as he sees the whip and clicker hes like GOD YES FEED ME TREATS I WILL DO ALL THE TRICKS.

Its been fun.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Ah, There It Is

~~Thank you for ALL the wintery comments! So insight. Much knowledge~~

Again, as many of you are aware, it is cold. Very cold. Unseasonably wintery if you will. And Bacardi is experiencing the Winter Wackies. Closely related to the Fall Friskies. But worse, in my opinion because your hands are frozen and you simply just cannot.

majestic B is majestic. But also an asshole.
I am 100% sure someone forcibly inserted icicles up my horses butthole, because nothing else explains the absurd 180 turn.

His symptoms include; bolting at nothing, rearing at: snow blowing, leaves, sounds, movement of anything in general, refusing to walk places, tossing head opinionatedly, galloping madly in pasture, snorting, sliding stops into stall so fast at feeding time he falls down, spooking at anything in general, being uncooperative about everything, flinching when touched, and overall, forgetting how to horse.

There it is.

That moment in every young horses life when they are complete assshats for seemingly no reason at all.

I would like to point out that the OTTB variety are especially not logical during this time.

I've been raving for months about how strangely calm, cooperative and willing this wee babe of an ex-racehorse has been about almost everything I've presented him with. I thought I bought defective OTTB.

Thank god thats not true.

No but really, the other day I rode him was the most terrified I've ever been on the back of a horse and that is saying A LOT. I've been on some doozies.

I've been lunging and hacking when I have the chance, because you know daylight savings combined with work and no arena makes for a dull training schedule. He's been pretty great for most of it. When the wind kicked up on some days he was little skittery out in the cornfields, but who wouldnt be.

Last Sunday though, I was pretty confident I was going to end up dead if I didnt cut our ride short. Normally I like to work through things, but I  feared for my well-being.

We went for a hack per usual out in the cornfields and I tell you what, he BOLTED at eh. vah. ree. thing. gah. And I mean bolted. Like madly bucking, race speed bolt.

Mildly terrifying. Can still handle. Must go on.

fast B shenanigans
He then started eyeing everything in sight and spooking sideways. And by everything I mean literally nothing. Unless he was spooking at pebbles and dirt and leaves on the ground there is no rationale.

Sideways B shenanigans
ts k. Hes a baby. Chalk it up to that. Still alive. Can hang on. Keep going.

Then for, absolutely no fucking reason, he begins rearing. Repeatedly. Straight in the air.

Cue shitting pants.

Can not handle.



I dont know about y'all but I've never been on a rearing horse and its fucking terrifying. I thought my life was going to end. Right there. I dont know how he didnt flip over. But the vertical height we gained was impressive.

Vertical B shenanigans
I actually did that exact move to ensure I did not die. I also kicked my feet out but he merely dislodged me with the repetitive up and down lurching, sky high teetering and absolute fuckery. I really did not feel like falling from a 17.1 horse onto frozen ground, so I also instinctually pulled his nose around to his shoulder to prevent said vertical height. Thought that would work. Turns out my horse is a freak and can still rear with his face in his own body and that only made me more afraid of impending death by toppling and getting crushed.

Mind you, this was all about 5 seconds in time. Yes, a whole life can flash in that amount of time and you can think of every way to die in those brief moments.

I finally got him settled...somehow. And I was about NOPE with the whole situation.

Never again.

Rearing bad. Do not want.

So, I'm mildly worried that my perfect child has turned into a monster. But the other half of me attributed the out of character behavior to the severe drop in temperatures, being cooped up in  a barn, and the fact that it was a blustery day and the landscape changed a bit with snowfall and corn croppage.

OF COURSE I thought about tack. Saddle. Pad. Boots. Bit. my own riding. But seriously, NOTHING changed.

Either way I refuse to own a horse beast that exhibits that type of dangerous behavior, for ANY reason; tantrums, fear, unwillingness, disrespect- it aint right.

So we shall be working on that and seeing how the rest of our chilly winter rides go.

Hoping those icicles melt soon..

Want this guy back

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What Do Wednesday

First off, as usual, I love all of you madly. I was going to respond to each of you, but then a ton of you commented and I was feeling the love and esploded a little with joy. <3 p="">
Moving on.

I'm sure most of you are well aware that it is cold. Very cold depending on where you are. With lots of snow. Such snow. Many cold.

Ermahgherd snurr

I do believe all of my appendages have frozen and thawed about 6 times since the snow/cold front Sunday. I'm positive the windchill was like -10 this morning. I think I was dying while doing stalls. My mind has almost literally been blown by the fact that NY has FEET of snow and more FEET predicted for today. Noooooope.

I dont HATE the cold, I just strongly dislike it. Especially now that I'm older. The novelty really wore off quickly. Even Just a few years ago I was like YAY SNOW PICTURES ALL THE PICTURES.

Because snowy white wintery majesty.

But now I'm wiser and my brain just NOPES.

Now that I've worked the majority of my life outside in barns... and I'm just done. I'm either always too hot or too cold. My hands always freeze off because I am certain there are no gloves that provide coverage, but still allow you to work with horses. I've found undoing blankets, bucket clasps and gripping muck tools especially problematic. The wind sucks. My ears always hurt. Hats and earmuffs itch. Jackets are cumbersome. Fingers go numb. Ass goes numb. Legs go numb. ALL THE NUMB COLDY COLDNESS.

So, my little fluff kittens, here we are with another installment of "What Do?"

What do you wear to the barn to muck/do chores/ ride?

No What Do would be complete without my input either.

As you all know I am the classiest of fashionistas and run with the latest in all the trends.

That hot piece is indeed, me, in all my winter glory. Obviously striving for class in winter.

 For stalls, I usually go with the classic college hoodie, over top a long sleeve, topped off with the beautiful poop brown Carhartt. Sometimes I added a moisture wicking undershirt, but this never helped me. If its real cold, I also add a vest. Obsessed with vests. Breeches arent very warm as far as pants go, but thick socks and boots help. I sucked it up last year and bought Carharrt pants, but that made me TOO warm and I spent most days switching between sweating my ass off and shivering because I was sweating. Those boots pictured are terrible and I dont recommend them for barn work. I  purchased my trusty Muck Boots off Ebay last year after years of suffering (not pictured) and they have been perfect for cold weather. The hat tho. As mentioned before, I have yet to find gloves or mittens that keep my hands from turning to icicles, while still maintaining function.

When it comes to riding, I clothe myself literally in whatever is on the floor. Sometimes, I class it up a bit if we are taking pictures, but usually the warmth goes out the window and I stick with Ratchet Wear. So that means sweats, ugly boots in picture above, vests, coat, earmuffs/headband from hell and layers upon layers of long sleeved items. I hate riding in winter.


I mentioned I love vests. Seriously, I love them.

I wish I had the money to buy super fancy nice winter riding clothes, but vests from platos closet do the trick prrrretty well. Keep you wamr, but not TOO warm. And arm freedom! Platos Closet forever: Broke Bitches Club

Outside plaid vest

Showing vest and Levi vest
I have al the vests. ALL. I would love to get a Mountain Horse jacket because you know, function., but they on they expensive side for me. My poop jacket was a gift, and I love it for warmth and its windblocking abilities, but good lord does it ride up when mounted and its so restrictive. The struggle is seriously real when riding outside.

Last few years I was INSANELY spoiled with a glorious indoor that for some reason, remained quite warm. I could usually ride in a long sleeve and light jacket and would sweat.

Sometimes scarves because fancy
Also, again, vests forever, even inside.

I truly miss that indoor. I could ride everyday and not ever get cold. Shit actually got done in winter. Last winter was our best year for dressagey progress and it makes me THE most sad knowing that I will lose precious time this winter.

Sometimes even my horse gets clothes! Winter is wondrous adventure!

Most of Missouri winters were brutal, but sometimes we had random warm days that required hardly any clothes at all! yay Midwest weather psycho patterns!

In summation, I literally have no actual real winter riding clothes. All of my things are a culmination of middle school leftovers, a few gifts (carhartt and ratchet boots), college sweaters and vests from platos closet. Layers and layers of them. And really dingy sweatpants. Because winter makes me lazy and they are warmer than breeches. It really nails the whole "strapped for cash grunge look of non caring". Also brings up some raging safety concerns regarding boots. BUT MY FEET FREEZE IN NORMAL BOOTS OKAY.
My natural habitat


So dear readers, share your secrets.

PS hilarious I just ranted about "no no-helmet lectures" and here I go posting 2 other pics with no helmet, haha oops.

Monday, November 17, 2014

People Are Just The Worst

I had every intention of coming on here today to share some thoughts on my horse angel Yankee and post some pictures we took over the weekend with him. IN a strange twist of fate involving another OTTB and a 12 hour drive, Yankee went to KS a week early and left this AM.

I'll explain in another post, the one I intended to write, but first I'm going to rant. Because I have my sassy pants on, its my blog and people are the worst.

I posted this adorable picture, along with a few others here and there on social media, of my Yanks this AM, with a note on how much I will miss him etc etc

And people have the audacity to comment and message me asking/telling me "oh my god why would you ever get rid of him" or "OMG youre replacing him with Bacardi".

First off. I'm not "getting rid" of him. I made a damn hard decision to do what I thought was BEST for MY horse. Mine, no one elses.

Secondly, to sit down, think about it, admit things to yourself and give up something you love for the better is one of the hardest things you could ever do. It takes courage. Its scary. I'm AFRAID. But I'm trusting my friends and my guts and doing what I KNOW will work out for Yankee.

Thirdly, I'd like to see the naysayers try it before they lash out at me for something they don't understand. Its so freaking easy to sit behind a keyboard or a phone and be nasty. I'm so SICK of everyone judging immediately before they read into a situation or try to comprehend that I made a decision that will benefit EVERYONE. And I mean that in general. People online SUCK. I'm about done with it all. Seriously GTFO if you're going to be rude like that.

Lastly, if you know me or my horse at all you know I worship that animal. He is my heart and my angelface and I love him more than life itself. But I cant give him what he deserves. So I made a choice. I'm not giving him up. Or getting rid of him or replacing him with anything. He's still my man and always will be. We've been together almost ten years and nothing will change that. Not distance or time. He's coming back to me after he's finished doing what he was meant to do.

Its not like I'm some heartless bitch getting rid of my "old" horse because better things came along. I'm hurting. I miss him already. This will be hard. But it will be GOOD!

Another thing.

Asking someone "where's your brain bucket?" or "where's you helmet?" is just....the worst.

Its obviously not on my head. Where do you think it is? Maybe in the garage. Or in the barn. But not on my head and thats my damn choice. I dont need to be reminded that I'm not wearing one. I obviously know that. Last time I checked it was not against the law to ride without a helmet on your own property in the state of Ohio.

Then again I haven't lived here for 6 years. But I'm not afraid of the helmet police.

I get it. Riding without a helmet is dangerous. We all know this. Ive fallen enough to know, seen enough footage, read enough news reports. I'm well aware. I'm also an adult capable of making my own decisions, and in that awareness, to not place a "brain bucket" on my cranium. There was probably a reason I was willing to risk my noggin'. However dumb and childish it may seem, its MY friggin choice. I don't need pretentious comments clouding my pictures and my happy mood.

I wanted to ride my horse, who I trust with my life, and get awesome fun pictures in the field with my super blonde hair blowing in the wind because I wanted MAJESTIC PICTURES TO REMEMBER HIM BY OKAY?


Hop off the self righteous helmet wearing train next time you feel the urge to remind me that I'm not wearing a helmet, because I already know, and really don't care. I wear it 99.99% of the time anyways, because you know, safety.

THAT being said. I am appreciating all the loving support I'm getting form the vast majority of peoples. It makes me so happy knowing there are others out there know how I feel. It means more to me than you know! Love you all!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chasing the Dream

I DO apologize for the cliffhanger, but I had to make ya'll wait for it.

It was SUPER hard keeping this a secret and has been in the works for a few weeks now.

As most of us know, this year has been a whirlwind and not quite gone where I intended, but I am NOT complaining. I moved, got a real adult person job, started a savings account, bought a beautiful baby horse, got badly injured, learned a few things, catch rode at a USEA show on another awesome OTTB, and got to see my OTTB baby improve and grow.

In January, another year had arrived and I was determined, yet again, to make it to shows and move up a level, or even JUST qualify for Championships. I KNEW Yankee had the potential and I knew with work we could do it. We had 2 very early season shows and ROCKEd out. I knew we had it in the bag.


I was delusional in thinking I could do it on my own, having a continuos, but not yet determined fear of large fences and competitions. Also blindly and stubbornly pushing aside the fact that I was a college graduate, with REAL bills to pay and 3 meager part time jobs that ate all of my free time.

The hardest part of this year was finally accepting that I was NOT doing okay enough financially to compete, and take lessons, and clinic and do all the things. I simply was not. No amount of shifts would make this possible. Also. I finally admitted to myself that I was scared. Really truly, scared, to jump. WHAT? I was? no. Yes. I've been denying that for years, literally. And refused to believe it. But it was true. All our problems came from my fear of crashing and burning and ultimately dying.

I had never been afraid until Yankee and I slid through a fence during a stadium round, due to some terrible footing, in 2010 and were eliminated. It was horrifying. I had never failed like that before and it ate me up inside. From that day on, I changed. Then I fell at a show in 2012. HARD. On XC no less, and again elimiated. I was done for after that. I ignored the feelings of fear and pushed through but Yankee knew, and he started refusing jumps. I knew deep down, but didnt want to admit it. It was too hard.

Where is all of this going you say?

If you stalk my FB at all, you know the answer...but for the rest of us, I would like to announce that this fine ass,

.....Is going back West

Before everyone gets their panties is a is with great excitement, hope, and gratitude, as I write this, that Yankee will be joining Paradox Farm in KS on November 23, for an undefined period of time. The Stiver sisters will be leasing Yankee in the hopes of taking him into the upper levels of eventing and will begin winter training in December in preparation for the 2015 Spring season. They have 2 insanely amazing coaches and he will be ridden weekly in lessons. Both sisters have qualified and goen to the AECs numerous times and their record is impeccable. Both have OTTBs of their own, past and present and are currently in full time working student positions.

This was truly a stroke of luck and randomness, as I was not planing to lease Yankee out for another year or so.

I knew eventually he would have to move on, with the addition of Baby B joining the crew, but I did not expect all the puzzle peices to fall into my lap and fit so wonderfully.

Its going to be hard, but I am eternally grateful that my boy will be getting trainiend regualry and shown! Its even harder because our TEN year anniversary is coming up.

Such adorable baby nuggets we were
Its insane to think how long I've had him, and all the trials, tribulations and wonderful experiences we've had together.
Our first USEA show together in 2007
We've made it so far! From little weenie fences and horrible dressage tests, to winning jumper rounds and seriously good scores.
Our first training together in 2009

XC love
He's been my heart, my comfort, my angel and my horse form

But I know that I can take him no farther. As much as I dreamed to take him 1* when I was younger, my adult brain is too cautious and self preserving to dream or rocketing around those massive XC courses with him. His adventure is to continue, with someone else.

USDF Team Champs
Its going to kill me not seeing him everyday, but it will mae me SO happy knowing hes out doing what he loves, instead of sitting around my pasture, getting ridden every once in a while when I have time.

I dont want anyone to think Bacardi replaced him either. It was my intention to work with both of them. I dreamed for YEARS to have two OTTBs under my wing and it finally happened! PRoblem being, I can only do so much and go so far. I cant make Yankee any better! BUut I sure can work with greenie B. I think thats my calling to be honest.

Maybe someday I will run around Prelim, but for now, I am OK at the lower levels, bringing up babies. Its truly gratifying!

5ft is too easy for Yanks
The decision was easy once I had all the facts. My baby will be in the best hands and I will get him back someday. I cant wait to see where else this truly astonishing horse can go and I hope you all will stick with his journey too!

I'm gonna miss this face, but he will be running around XC living and chasing the  dream!