Friday, May 21, 2010

First SC school in 8 months

I know I’ve trained my horse right when I can ride him in a hackamore and still get a beautiful, collected canter. I know even better when I can tie a leadrope to his halter, jump on bareback, gallop, and quickly halt with no argument. We were rescuing a camera case. He is indeed awesome.

So yesterday I woke up and saw how beautiful it was outside and knew our XC school would go splediferously.

I went and got Patchy and Lauren and we were off, after a very frightening adventure trying to turn the trailer around at her barn. MY GOODNESS, it was difficult. To turn around I had to back past her car, through a gateway, DOWN a hill, trying not to run the trailer off the ledge or hit the fence. But alas, my backing prowess got us through :P

After we arrived at Twin Towers park, we started off with a warmup, with the sheriffs shooting near us (target practice). Our horses were golden, didn’t even bat an ear. This is why they are awesome.We moved to baby jumps to get the kinks out and onto a swift gallop. Yankee does not like when horses are in front of him, lol. Racehorse in him.

I won’t say much more, but that the 8 months off did Yankee well. I, however, am still getting my strength back, so I didn’t ride the best yesterday. We conquered prelim fences though! We are ready for the season. Enjoy the pics!

Doesn't he look happy? Tiny Training level fence

Lauren and Patchy over a Training level fence

Solid Training fence

Good sized Training level fence Yanks did well over

FAVORITE pic! His least favorite type of fence though

A mAsSiVe prelim fence Yanks cleared with room to spare!

Another huge prelim fence he breezed over

His new trick!

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