Thursday, October 13, 2011

Video Dump

Yeah, I bucked up and jumped this big guy.

Here's another video doing a simple line. Its muy interesanto.

He is terrifying!!

If this guy wants to refuse, he does, and there is no stopping that massive shoulder from ducking. I about fell off once, and I rarely fall. Unless your name is Yankeepants and you throw a dirty refusal mid XC round, then I doubt I am coming off you. I had to grab mane a good 4 times though on this guy. Really, all he needs is a stronger bit, because a snaffle is line twine in his mouth...useless. Pretty difficult finding a drafty-strong gag or elevator though.

Pronto is my friend Hannah's horse and if you're new to this blog, Pronto is half percheron/half TB and is a MONSTER. I'm pretty sure he is about 18hh, or over. I must stick him to find out. I look tiny on him and I'm 5'9.

Anyways, I also jumped my horse, bareback and it was a success (Droid upload to youtube FAIL). He jumps so well without a saddle. Its a travesty I can't compete bareback.

Fun fact, my sophomore year in High School, I didn't ride with a saddle at all. It was so much fun and my balance and core got wicked tight. You should try it sometime!!

In other news...I'm working on a MAJOR art ptoject for class, so I apologize profusely to thouse who haven't gotten a drawing yet...I am so tragically busy and then this whole Andrea/Gogo gifting thing and midterms....they're coming.

About the project...we have to draw a moment in our lives that impacted us the most but make it so no one knows what that is. DIFFICULTNESS.

I was debating between my car accident and them moment I knew I wanted to ride horses forever...of course I chose horses...DUH.

To do this without being obvious of intent, I am going to draw a child version of myself in a grassy field with all the horses that have impacted my life the most. So that would be, Dolly, Spirit, Yankee, a horse named Jack and my mini, Zephyr. 2 chesnuts, a bay, a grey and a palomino. perfect :) I will definetly keep you updated with pictures.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Gogo

I never thought this day could possibly come.
I never thought I would be this emotional about someone else's horse...but I am.
Everytime I see a status from Andrea on FB, tears well in my eyes.
Tonight, she posted a picture riding Gogo bareback for the last time and I lost it.
Andrea's strength is courageous. I could never survive the heartbreak she is going through.
Know this girl, you did everything you could have, and Gogo couldnt have asked for a better mom. We ALL know your pain and we ALL sympathize. We love you, and want you to know we are here for you.
Losing a best friend and partner is inconceivable, and I can only watch from afar and cry with her.
Everyone, please, keep both of these amazing girls in your thoughts tomorrow and send Gogo a farewell. She was an amazing animal and she will be missed by an incredible amount of people.
Find peace, Miss in heaven and enjoy bossing Pegasus around.
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