Monday, September 20, 2010


OH MY GOODNESS it has been too long. I SWEAR I will update soon. Mostly since my comp has been in the shop and I can't upload pics of anything.
quick run through
-show season ended up EHH, more on that later
-Yankee is still in Ohio with mother since I...
-Moved back to Missouri for school
-I have been WICKED stressed about $$ and classes and work and its really hard to get everything done and update blogs :(
-Went to a WESTERN horse show on a borrowed Paint horse and had a blast after almost a month of no riding! We got a 4th and 5th in pleasure classes out of like 30 riders, go us!
-WEG 2010 in 2 WEEEEEEEEKS! Who's EXCITED?!? I am! I am! Brandon and I are going saturday to watch XC and I am super stoked! He bought me tickets :D what a good boyfriend.

That's all folks, I gotta run to class, hopefully I can update better soon, it's been AGES!

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