Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Things Come in...3's?

But 1st, a picture of my very bad pony

in his grumpy moods. This is going to change aye?

Anyways, so many good things have happened recently to me and I'm quite excited. I hope my good fortune lasts!!

I'm only going to write about my new job for now, but pics from the WEGs will come.

ALSO, Yankee and Z are arriving in Missouri tomorrow!! Whose excited-this girl. Yankee has become quit the grumpy dick lately and I'm pretty sure he is pissed at me. Hopefully riding him more often will really help his attitude.

But back to my new job, which kind of ties into Yankee arriving here in Como tomorrow. I just happend to stumble upon New Springs Farm, the one and only owner of the famous and amazing Windfall. I contacted her about possibly working there and she got back with me within the day! I went the next day for an interview and she hired me to ride her babies, or "Windfoals".

They are the most amazing bunch of 3 year olds I have ever had the pleasure of riding and I look forward to every day i get with them.

Cheryl is really helping me to gain back my riding strength back and teach me new skills and methods.

Along with helping her ride the 'children', I am getting board in exchange. I COULD NOT believe my luck. Not only am I getting to ride Windfall's foals, but I get to keep MY horse at the same barn he is stabled and ride on that land and use the facilities. HOW LUCKY!? Who would have gussed that the Hoelkamps would be located in my college town, and who would have guessed that I would get to see and TOUCH Windfall as well as see him be worked.

I. AM. SOOO. Thankful, for this chance.

I am trying my best to please Cheryl and I am really enjoying my time there!

So far I have ridden 5 Windfoals, Hermin, Speilmacher, Komik, Angie and Thomas.
More later on them, for now I am going to bed, as riding starts at the break of day :) toodles.

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