Saturday, January 1, 2011



For 1, it has been 65 degrees the past 3 days here in Missouri, which was a horrid tease. Today it was a chilly 18 degrees when we (Brandon and I) went to feed this a.m. and school Yanks over some jumping gymnastics.

For 2, today while I was grooming Yankee for our ride, I shocked him, twice! Poor guy! He was scared shitless of me for about 10 min. I felt really bad....I guess it was just the static from his blanket or something because it crackled and popped when I took it off.

For 3, He was AMAZING. I shall explain....

Today my goal for Yankee was to school over gymnastics with relaxation and impulsion and for me to stay balanced and not jump ahead. Major win on both parts!

The gymanstic set up Brandon and I LABORED to set up was pretty simple since we didnt have a huge arena and I didnt want to confuse Yanks with too many poles and whatnot. I set up 3 trot poles, 4 ft apart. Following that, a bounce, prolly only 2ft high, 9 ft apart (I did this only to set him back on his haunches). Then a one stride to a 3ft vertical and one stride to a 3ft oxer.

He really kept his calm and used his booty over the fences. I noticed when I kept more weight in the right stirrup he stayed straighter (has a tendency to lean in). I used the mirrors to force myself to look up, and keep us straight.

I thought this was a pretty good pic, but center of gravity is pretty good (not doing my telltale jump ahead with the crotch routine), head is up, relaxed crest release (should have been doing the automatic but oh wells), ankle flexed, leg pretty solid and Yankee is jumping pretty well even though these are baby fences for him. Looks happy huh!
This picture made me REALLY realize how fat I look these days! Partly due to my 'concentration jumping face' and puffy jacket but also due to the fact that I HAVE actually gained a few lbs. Working on that...

I used to do this all the time with Janice and it really helps keep your seat back where it should be...minor drawback-makes me duck a little. I think I knotted Yankee's reins too tight too, its pullin on his mouth :( but he is still jumping well!

A video of the gymnastic

Walking out after a good workout. We both worked up a sweat!!

My new sparkly blue browband I got off ebay for $10!!! Ohhhh yeah sexy pony.

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