Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Somewhat Good and the Very Bad

Ok so today sucked big ones. I was super excited to get out and jump today since I had the day off, got out of school early-ish and didnt have much HW. Buuuuut it turned out to be atrocious all around. We warmed up outside in the snow, which was ok but he tried to buck me off about every 3 seconds. Some pics were pretty good except my position in some but I blame that on bracing for bucks. Still though, no excuse. I was still extra sore in my core and....well it was just bad.

.....And onto some malarky

Yeah and that was just a small selection of about 20 pictures of him bucking and hopping like a tard.
....And a refusal...

Which is 1 of about 30 pictures like that. Yeah I have no idea what the problem was today. Could have been that Hannah and pronto were in the arena too, or that I was a little off today too position wise, or that he simply just hates stadium jumps and jumping in the arena or that he hates having to jump correctly instead of flying around like an idiot, or he was just off or cold, or some other of about 100 reasons it could be. I lowered it to 1ft. and he still refused. It was so stupid and I am still upset.

I mean seriously this is not my usual horse....he can jump the moon and more...(see "I was bad but my horse was good post" down the page). I must figure out what went wrong today


  1. At least you go beautiful photos ;)

  2. You mean I'm not the only one with an... "energetic" TB? Huh. Good to know. :)

  3. My horse has been a weirdo lately too. I think it's the weather in her case, and its getting close to time for her feet to be done.

    And she gained weight. >.< Fat mare is lazy.

  4. i dont know what it is but I am going to try jumping a grid saturday and see how much better that goes...hopefully!
    And they did turn out pretty huh. Thank you :)

  5. Was the saddle pinching or something??

  6. no, I checked...I think he was just full himself and not wanting to do things properly...really I have no idea. stumped.