Sunday, June 5, 2011

If You're Not First, You're Last...Or Fourth. Or Second. Oh Hay I Got First!

Haha don't you just love my vocalization. My OH GOD! at fence two and me yelling at him not to jump the outside line. :P

So to begin, let me just was so. freaking. hot. yesterday. Like incineratingingly hot as balls. 97 with heat index at 102. No wind at all, just the freaking cicadas blaring all day. Thankfully, the show staff had 4 hoses for hosing and drinking and tents and shade spots set up for everyone. Even only being in the sun a total of like 20 min (the rest was chillen in the shade) I got a wicked burn (with sunscreen!). Yankee enjoyed his hosings I gave him (after every round) and since his favoritest thing ever is to drink out of the hose, he was pretty content.

Chillen by the big fan after hosing him off.

So, the show was pretty interesting jumping wise. I think its safe to say I will never win the Grand Prix. I got fourth, again. Dang. Yankee was an abnoxious beast in the grand prix, bucking every 3 seconds, no turning, etc. We missed our line to fence 8AB since he was just blowing through my aids, so we got that counted as a refusal. Something I did not know. We would have won if I hadn't taken a longer line, since I had the fastest time and no rails. Oh well. Next time I just need to enter the Gamblers Choice to let him blow off his first steam so we can win that GP next time!

In the Jumpers Level 1, I screwed up big time and got eliminated, lol. I jumped the last fence the wrong, fail.

In Jumpers 2, A/B, we got our shit together and won both classes :) He finally had settled and those rounds were quite excellent! I took some longer lines since this was PRACTICE for eventing and during eventing stadium, we dont rip around like retards. I still won since Yankee is pretty fast and we had no rails all day!

In jumpers level 3, the video above, he was very good as well. He was a jumping HOUND and I was having a hard time controlling him! He ket just looking around and locking on random fences wanting to jump them! I thought this was better than him refusing like usual, so I wasn't upset or anything. Rather have him excited to jump than refusing!

Hahaha , suck it! Celebrating beating the woman I have been trying to beat in every class :) Yankee doing his best "I don't know this crazy girl" face.

So I am feeling pretty good about dressage and stadium for Queeny Park this next coming weekend. I hope to school some XC Wednesday, since I am already feeling jitters about it. I'm pretty bad about worrying and stuff, and I can't shake thoughts of falling off again. Its pretty destructive. Thankfully at Novice, Yankee can jump that height in his sleep, so I'm feeling better about that. For the dressage we better get like a 30 or something because it is the easiest test ever. I'm going to have a hard time getting him to NOT extend across the diagonal, lol.


  1. Congrats!!!!

    Loved the video. My vocalizations in jumping sound more like, "EEP!"

  2. Hooray awesomeness!! You guys rock.

  3. Better than my high-pitched "WOOP!" noise I make after an awkward jump. Congrats!!!!

  4. Hehe I loved the video. :D

    Congrats on the ribbons. You guys did great.

    You'll do fine in the cross country. Just try not to over think it. You can do it.


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