Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Novice QPEE Stadium & T-SHIRTS! :)

For T-shirts, skip all this :P

So that ended that hell-ish weekend. The footing sucked, but the experience was uplifting (besides dressage). He was not too sore, even though he pulled a teeny muscle and I had a good outlook on stadium. It was low, and hilly which would help him use himself correctly.

 We pulled a rail in stadium (in the trees, you could hear it clunk though), I am blaming on the footing for that one. He tripped right before the fence and rapped it with his front, and it came down. Otherwise he was jumping pretty well despite the low height, was a little wiggly since warm-up was brief. Thank you no loudspeakers in the barn. I had to guess when we went, calculate for the mile walk and try to tack up in time. I under calculated or something because I had about 15 minutes to warm-up, which is not enough to get his jiggs out. Oh well, we came from dead last to in the ribbons (field of 14) and had a double clear XC, no falling off this time! HA. Apparently everyone else had a challenging time in girl pulled 4 rails! They were just comin' down like raindrops. I feel like I cheated since he can do Prelim height like cake....

Ok I guess I'll take 8th :)

Overall, I was ok happy with 8th, but dressage should have gone better. Next time I will NOT take malarky as an excuse and I will warm up longer. We packed up early (11 am!) and headed home by noon. I linimented him and wrapped his front legs, even at N, the ground was so bad I was worried about sprains. He settled at home well and will have a few days off so I can do some HW and let him rest up.

In some sadder news, we took him to the vet yesterday to get test for Wobblers and EPM. The vet thinks wobbs is out, but EPM, possibly. There are no outright neuro signs when probed, but there is no other explanation for his clumsyness, with the exception of the fact that he might just be super clumsy! I'm hoping for the latter! They drew blood and results will be back in 3 days. He fell down twice Monday and constantly trips on his own feet, so I am really just hoping he is retarded and cant walk proper instead of him having EPM....sigh.

OK more happy stuff, T-SHIRTS!!!!!

I has designs, prices and other stuff :)

eventing design #1 EVENTING: JUST JUMP IT (front)
                                 "Red on right, white on left, insanity in the middle" (Back, optional)

Design #2 for Eventing

Dressage Design: DRESSAGE: Collect Yourself

These are all preliminary designs I just threw together for ya'll so you can see what they will mostly look like. As you can see, I messed up the haunches of the dressage horse, but it will be piaffe-ing. The iSOAR T-shirt will be better spaced, but that is what the 3 horses will be doing. The computer program will refine the lines of shading too, the iSPLASH horse will be the darkest and the iSOAR horse will be light grey.

The designs will be about 9 in x 9in approx (changes a bit with design)  in the middle of the front of all t-shirts.
Designs will all be black or white on the GREY shirts. They can only be WHITE on the other colors.

OK pricing- here is where it gets confusing.
Shipping- $5 (unless you live in CA, WA or any other state on the far West Coast, then it will be $6.50, sorry :( )
Grey Shirt (S.M.L.XL)- $15.00
Special Color (S.M.L) (ex. pink, blue, green etc)- $20.00
Grey shirt with back writing (S.M.L.XL)- $25.00
Special Color with back writing (S.M.L)- $29.00

Also, I can do Hoodies, but they are more expensive by a lot and do not come in colorful colors. Sadface.
Writing on back (S.M.L) $47.00

Your name/farm name/event team can be added for no fee on the front, or on the back for the extra fee of $5

If I get 8 orders of the SAME shirt, its 15% OFF, this is because if I print in bulk, its cheaper :)

I know some of you live near each other. If you want, I can combine shipping, so you don't have to pay as much!

Send Specs to:
Address, specify PAYPAL or CHECK
Phone number or Facebook/email so I can contact with questions
Size, color, design, quantity

Payment: Ok, this is where I'm not sure how to do it, since I'm not a real business yet, just trying this out with my guniea pigs :)  I have a Paypal account, and I've learned money can be exchanged that way, or you can write me a check and BE SURE to say that in your email and I will give you my address. I will leave orders open for ONE WEEK. I would like to get them done all at once, and hopefully get the bulk discount :) If some stragglers come in with orders after JUNE 22, it might take me longer to get it to you. On JUNE 16, I will place the orders and hopefully ship the same or next day. So, you will get your T's in less than 2 weeks (hopefully by JUNE 25!)

Ok so the rundown,
Orders open tonight JUNE 15
Orders close Wednesday, JUNE 22
Orders will be made JUNE 23 
Orders will be shipped JUNE 23/24 
Orders will arrive HOPEFULLY on JUNE 25-27 (depending on where you live from me [I live in Missouri])

ALSO, If anyone has any other design they want, tell me via comment and I will get it drawn for you! I won't charge for that, since I want you guys to be happy and I know how much we already spend on our horses! I just want this to be a fun thing we can have to represent our sports. I apologize if anyone is not an Eventer or Dressager, but from what I know, most of you are.

If you can, please comment in this post in addition to emailing me. All you have to say on the comment is that you sent me an email. I have a gotten a few already, so you guys don't have to email me back unless you decided you don't want one, or you want a different one.

Thanks so much for following my blog and hopefully getting a fun T-shirt :)


  1. Well, I am the newly (self appointed) queen of all things Wobblers and Neuro related. So if you need to whine, bitch, moan, or have questions, bug me :) I will say, that P's Wobblers is weird, but I owe everything (EVERYTHING) to her vitamin E from Kentucky Equine Research. she went from a 3 to a 1 on her axtaxia and regained almost all of her control/stopped stumbling tripping, all that jazz. I'd swear by the stuff, and if you rule out EPM and West Nile and those bad boys.. 3 months of vitamin e will show improvement if you've got a neuro thing going on... and its about the cheapest option out there :) fingers crossed...

  2. I already sent you an email, so we should be good.

    Except the paying you part. Hm... I'll figure it out in the am and let you know.

  3. SB, yep I got yours :) Let me know!

    G- I just ordered Vit E per your reccomendation. I figured it couldn't hurt and I looked it up and I like the specs on it! Thanks for the rec.

  4. Fingers crossed that he doesn't have EPM and all of his clumsiness gets sorted out!

    Hmm... How to decide on which t-shirt I want? I'll email you when I decide :)

  5. I forgot to say...the SOAR t-shirt will NOT have the head cut off on the rider! I just ran out of room, I tend to draw bigger than intended. ALSO, someone wanted the word eventing put on that design underneath the figures, so if anyone else wants that too, let me know and its no problem!

  6. Okay, I emailed you for my shirt. Is the gray a light heather gray? Just trying to get an idea of how dark it is. :) Now I'll go back up and read the top of the post.

  7. Congrats on your eighth lol. It really is too bad he had problems in dressage because he sure nailed the jumping.

    That sucks about the possibility of EPM. I sure hope it isn't. I'll send good thoughts. Please keep us updated. Hopefully he's just clumsy.

  8. hes just clumsy and vit E deficient! The grey is a pretty light grey not dark but not like super light and thanks about the jumping compliment :)

  9. Yep I skipped ahead to see what his diagnoses was and I'm soooo relieved!!

    Okay, that gray sounds good. :)

  10. Much better diagnosis than EPM. Very relieved. Poor Yank. :(
    Sent an email.


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