Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Procrastinating is Easy

I look at horses for sale...
....play with my woggie dog
...watch True Blood

...watch the boyfriend play World of Warcraft

...think about how I can make my horse gain weight without adding MORE grain (he already gets 1 1/2 scoops at every feeding)...

I wants him to look like this...fat and black...

...check off my to-do lists for the weekend (always fun for me actually)

...Play World of Warcraft (funnest most time consuming game ever)

...let you all know what I am doing...since I am sure you care SO much

...repeatedly re-check facebook for NO reason whatsoever..

...occasionally half heartedly find articles for my paper...and THINK about what I want to write then tell myself tomorrow is a brand new day...think of what I can accomplish! But th
en I realize I told myself that yesterday...however, I did finish both assignments (took like 2 hours), now I just have my 2 papers to write....

Daydream about this....

...look up the weather for Bloomington this weekend (crappy in case you were wondering-highs of 94, thunderstorms all weekend)

..watch music videos....check out Grayson Chance...adorable AND better than the Biebs

...eat dinner...




...figure out my ride times...9:56 Friday for Dressage....10:27 Saturday for XC...much better than the other 2 girls with me..

...ok. I MIGHT go finish my paper now. But I will prolly leave it for last minute tomorrow. HA. I'm pretty excellent at stalling.


  1. Try a weight-gain supp? And yeah, Grayson Chance is da bomb-diggity.

    I feel for ya. Wasting time is awesome and awful at the same time.

  2. Yay internet distractions...I just watched the videos on your blog about the War Horse and the helmet cam...

    As for the weight supps...they just make him fat in the belly, not through his loins..same with extra hay..just belly

  3. What's the name of the HT you're going to?

  4. A scoop and a half is not that much, just as a side note. I always recommend Blue Seal, but any high fat grain (14% if you can) is best. Read the label. A horse in heavy work should be getting .6-.8 pounds of high fat grain per 100 pounds of body weight daily. So if your horse is 1000 pounds and skinny, you should be giving about 8 pounds per day. It is super important to WEIGH grain and not go by 'scoop'. Different grains have different weights and a scoop just isn't accurate. Unless you're feeding five times a day, I doubt you're feeding that much. When we do fattening here, they get 10-12 pounds of 12% per day and that's with LIGHT exercise. I assume he's up to date on worming and all that?

  5. I can give you some of Izzy's fatness. She's huge.

  6. Wow I really thought 3 whole scoops a day was a TON. I've always been told by pretty much everyone, that grain is carbs and that only makes them hyper and too much isn't good. So 3 scoops/day seems like a lot to me already. Grass and hay is what I've noticed puts weight on him anyways but he doesn't like this hay much. Its from last year...its an alf/timothy mix and he gets almost a bale a day. But he ends up wasting a lot.
    Each scoop is 2lbs each, so thats only 6lbs a day. His grain is %7 fat, %14 protein. Thats the highest of any feed I can find here between 3 different stores, fat wise. Most grains are only %3 fat, %12 protein. His grain per bag is $36, and thats pretty expensive and nothing else is working. Perhaps I should up his grain more even..people at the barn will think I am crazy.

  7. Agh, you need to take Amber for a while. She's the definition of easy keeper.

    She gets a 1/4 scoop on a 10% protein feed, am/pm. A flake of hay in the evening. And 12 hours of turnout on grass. She looks like she's going to give birth annnyyy day now.

    Gulliver had weight issues. He got a full scoop a day, on grass 24/7. The barn owner at Goldsboro (not the current girl who leases it) started giving him oat hay to try to up the weight. I didn't stay long enough to find out, but I was kind of like...wow...shitty way to go on that.

    Fat injections? Hahaha, just kidding. I can donate plenty of fat from Amber. I can't feel her ribs...hopefully that will come off and I will once again feel but not see them when she starts getting more work.

  8. That is a very low percent fat. No wonder it's not putting weight on him. Free choice hay/grass is a must, but if he's full, he's full. PROTEIN is what makes the horses hot, not fat. You want high fat, low protein. Six pounds is NOT a lot of grain at all. Switch feed, even if you have to special order it. If you switch to a higher fat, you should be fine feeding as much as you are currently. What grain are you feeding currently? Have you checked the label for feeding instructions?

  9. Oh my goodness, why did you mention WOW? It's so addicting. My husband and I had to stop playing because it sucks hours and hours of your life away without you even noticing and we couldn't afford it anymore with what we're going through. But to dream . . . :)

    Agree with the others on feeding recommendations. I like shredded beet pulp too for extra fiber if he isn't getting free choice hay/grass. I have an easy keeper though so I can't really give advice. :)

    Wow I didn't realize someone had signed Grayson! Awesome! I loved his version of Paparazzi. I checked out the new video and of course he's fantastic, but sheesh not much for the video. I hate when they commercialize them and make them act for the camera. Sigh.

    Good luck at the show and I hope the weather clears up for you.

  10. Why don't you add some oil into his diet? Fat calories and it also produces 30% less heat in the digestion process than some other options.

  11. he HATES oil, WIL NOT eat it. Brat!
    Im going to add beet pulp, since I can't afford to special order grain, there is NO WAY I can pay $35/bag since he eat 6lbs min a day...GAH. I know I need higher fat grain, there just isn't any in the area.
    More on the feeding situation later....its pretty full of drama


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