Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Notch.

Hoh dang.
I am NOT having fun right now. I know there is a rainbow in sight somewhere...I know there is. or is it white light? Either way.
So I won't mention anything else about my life right now besides my silly pony since all of that is just one massive sob story that no one probably cares about anyways.
So, the horse.
I started taking lessons again after a 4 year break and its been SO AWESOME. I literally can't wait for the weeks to be over (crazy the semester is half over! I AM 25 SCHOOL WEEKS FROM GRADUATING!!!!!! And then I go to grad school. Wah.)...Fridays can never come soon enough!
We've been doing a ton of advanced movements but also working on a lot of the basics too that people always forget to school because fancy shit is the best, duh.
In addition to flying changes, counter canter, renver, traver and all kinds of fun lateral stuff we also have worked on rating, collection and ease oftransitions. Schooling basics ALWAYS can help more advanced things.
The lesson shave been going well and all, but Yankee is getting himself into mucho trouble out in the pasture.
The ponies run in a herd of about 5-7 depending on who goes out that day and they have I think 10 acres to prance about on. Its all very hilly and full of trees and of course, flesh destroying things.
Yankee comes in every time with bleeding wounds, bite marks and missing hair or tail...awesome dude, just make that another notch in the bedpost that is my failure.
His back legs are getting the brunt of the damage and after our lesson and turnout, on Saturday, his back legs were just absolutely wrecked. Shredded, massive and hot.
Just excellent.
Thinking the worst, I thought he blew a tendon or sheath or something outrageous and flipped.
Being the careful mom I am, cleaned, poulticed, bandaged and wrapped his pathetic looking back legs hoping he'd be fine in the morning.
He was.
BUT, I am going to have to turn him out in boots in the back from now on unless I WANT him to keep massacring his hind legs into a pulp.
I really have always thought people were stupid for booting since it makes the legs hot and things can get under them and irritate the skin, but honestly, he needs it.
Being the tack whore that I am, I have like 20 pairs of boots, I just dont know which ones would be best.
Anyone? Anyone?


  1. use the boots that whoever will be putting them on will put on right! i've seen SMB's put on the wrong legs, even though they are labeled L and R, more times then you could imagine!

    also since his field has trees and things i would use some boots that would break easily if he happened to get them caught on something.... davis splint boots come to mind or heidi boots

  2. Come turn him out with Amber. Her only injuries were a couple of bites her first day. Maybe she can teach him pasture safety 101?

    I have no clue about boots. I've never had a horse that needed them in turn out, but it sounds like he does. Try asking on a forum or something, maybe. Need to take some things with a grain of salt, but they can offer good advice most of the time.

    Also, East Bound...who does that? Even without L and R, wouldn't you notice something was up if the velcro tabs were on the inside? LOL

  3. He's on self care, so it'd be me, haha

  4. I generally see (pictures of) horses turned out in plain ol' neoprene splint boots, frequently of the woof variety. I've never turned out in boots and since I live in Idaho, I've never seen anyone else do it either...

    Herd turnout is not my favorite for the very reason you describe. Low totem-pole horses who try to move up or don't understand herd dynamics or who just plain have a pissy leader get the snot kicked out of them.

    On the bright side, so glad lessons are going well!

  5. Ug, I know how much of a pain it is. When I first got Leo he was taking chunks out of himself every single day. We had to scratch from a couple of events because he was too damaged. Buuuut ... touch wood, he's been really good for the last 5+ months. It's like one day his self-preservation function started working. Hopefully Yankee has his light bulb moment soon too.

  6. Simple splint or galloping boots. Nothing with a pastern strap.

  7. I know nothing about boots lol. :D

    That's awesome on the lessons! Reading about everyone taking lessons has me missing them. I really want to take lessons again. :) Keep up the great work with him. Oh and you are not a horse mom failure so stop thinking it. ;)