Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Time

Is much less fun when you're not 6 years old.

But I still have a list for Santa.

Dear Santa Claus,
I would greatly appreciate winning the lottery please. It would also be handy to get my credit card paid off and get me all A's on my exams. Not to be greedy, but I really need new tall show boots. My current ones make me look midgety and they are quite old and dying. It would be awesome if you could teach my horse how to do flying changes, piaffes and execute perfect sidepasses. I mean, that'd be just swell. You know what else? It'd be super neat to have a self cleaning stall. Or a stable boy. Could you convince my boyfriend to do that for me? Thanks. Also, please tell me who to vote for next year. I am really quite lost and I know that this next president could make or break my future. Perhaps too, rustle up a "Graduating from College and Entering the Real World For Real For Dummies" guidebook. I'd really appreciate it. And lastly and rather greedily, I would just love another thoroughbred. For some reason I just love those psycho creatures and can't stop looking up ones for adoption. Ok Santa, I realize I have a long list and I sound like any other greedy ass American, but I really need to catch a break, and you, my favorite fatman are made of Christmas miracles. Love you long time.


  1. LOL Amen!
    Although, depending on the outcome of the election next year, that will determine whether or not I should actually pitch a fit and continue education in the UK, where I won't have to worry about crashing and burning during and after college haha! So, dear Santa, potential plane tickets for me and pony to Europa?

  2. lol "Love u long time" Well..u know half off adoption fees for OTTB's are NOW!


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