Thursday, January 19, 2012

Product Review

BEHOLD. The Weatherbeeta Orican Freestyle Combo medium turnout blanket

The blanket review I promised almost 2 months ago.

However, due to freak warm weather during the winter season, I couldnt even solidfy an opinion. However, winter decided to rear its ugly head with frigid temps and evil wind so I have decided...


It is the perfect weight of blanket to leave on when it the temps "soar" to the upper 40s when you were expecting lower 30s. Also, it keeps the pony warm until it hits 5 degrees or 20 with wind. Other wise I have to layer, but simply because he is clipped. However, too warm to leave the neck on when its gets above 40. Generally, unless it drops below 30 or is extra windy, I leave the neck off since it is a bitch to get on and off. Seriously....horrible. Trying to pry the velcro open with icy fingers is impossible...and with gloves on..dont even try. Otherwise, very easy blanket to get on and off, if a bit bulky.

Its also a nice blanket to layer. Some blankets are weird to layer, since they bunch up or dont compliment each other well. My old blanket was too short in the back and my under layer blanket always showed through/and got muddy. This one I layer all the time and it stays perfectly tucked.

LOVE the front closure. Easy snaps, no buckles!!!

LOVE that the leg straps are not strectchy. Ive had so many stretch out and had to replace them. Annoying.

There is a really nice wither relief pad that works nicely for sharp withered TBs like mine. Excellent.

It also has yet to rub his shoulders, which has happened with every.single.turnout I've ever owned.

LOVE the weird poofy neck padding it has right above the front closures. Its for when they bend down to eat, so it doesnt cut into their neck. UM, why didnt anyone think of that before?!

It was CHEAP! I bought it at a local tack store for $195 which I think is a freaking steal for a weatherbeeta WITH a neck. Basically a tack whores dream. Even Ebay couldnt give that to me!!

All in all, the only bad thing I have to say about this blanket is the damn neck removal. Other than that, I love it!
So does ponyface


  1. It doesn't rub his shoulders at all? Hmm... You have my attention. Does he wear a shoulder guard?