Friday, January 27, 2012

Seemingly Pointless Things....

...that make my flippin' day!
1) New smartpak shipment, neatly organized

2) said smartpak in feed bucket. Oooo, pretty.
3) A clean run, raked to perfection, with Jolly ball.
4) A clean stall with deeply bedded floors, clean water and fresh hay in the rack
I think it must be a horse person thing, but strating the day off with this just gives it a slice of perfection. If I were a horse, I'd be happy with the crisp, cool water in my bucket. Leafy hay in my manger. Nommy grains in my bucket (filled with horse 'roids...I mean, supps). And my Jolly ball in my run. Yeah, that is for sure what ponyface says in that brain of his.
I also am psycho and heart cleaning (thats why I clean houses for a living). Cleaning makes things perfect and you can SEE the results. Call me crazy.


  1. I completely know how you feel :) I love seeing a clean stall with everything just right!

  2. Nice! I'm impressed how dry everything looks--we had ridiculous amounts of water, followed by a nice freeze. Nothing like rutted frozen mud to clop around on.

  3. I love when horses get to have a run. Pippi had one when we were at another barn. Now when the weather is nice or not terrible her stall door is open to a field.

  4. We'be basically had the most piss poor excuse for a winter I've ever experienced. Yet to get snow or really below 25 degrees. It's been a steady, dreary 40 w no rain all winter.
    As for the run, I heart it! I hate locking horses up! He's gets turned out in the mornings too

  5. Beautiful! I love it. He must be in heaven. I wish some of your love for cleaning would rub off on me. It is satisfying to see results, but it's sooooo boring. Well unless it's a barn or stable lol. Love cleaning horse stuff. :D


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