Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jump school

Before we dive into the juciness that is this post, I wanted to share this photo with you all!

This is Dolly, my first horse. She was 18 and I was 10 in this picture, fresh off the broodmare farm. Her baby ate her tail, she was fat from foaling and was extremely high spirited. She is only 14 hands, so you can see how tiny I was!

Here she is at 24- we had just won the hunter jumper class in 4H

And here she is today! She turned the big 3-oh.
I love this mare and was so happy that she is still alive and well with her family in SC

OK so anyways. Normally I don't ride during the week. Sun/Mon are my days and Jackie rides T-W-F and sometimes Saturday. He gets Th and Sat off. However, my boss told me not to come in today so I had the day free! And it was 84 degrees. And Hannah wanted me to jump Pronto. And I wanted to give Jackie a XC lesson. UM. ABSOLUTELY.

So we got out to the barn at 5, handy boyfriend in tow. Myself on Pronto, Hannah on her old-man pony and Jackie on Yankee. We were pumped for XC schooling! Even though the fences were tiny and nothing special, better than nothing! One of these days we will legit go schooling somewhere but i'm pretty lazy and hate paying someone.

Shun Yanke. Shunnn-n-n-n-n. He says "Whatevs. All the shits I do not give".

Not 100% sure what I was explaining here

AND I love this picture.

Jackie has never done down/up banks so we worked on that. She did pretty excellent for the first time. All the other fences were cake, but I really need to get her someplace to school combos and tougher, bigger fences.

We did some grid work because we got bored out on the XC. Yankee was a PISTOL. Pronto loved it and I hope next time we can raise them a bit for him.

Pretty good for a first timer

Too easy

Ba hahahaha oh Pronto, so cute

This cracks me up!!

So scenic

So yeah. Thats about it. Not much else really to explain, hope you guys enjoyed that!


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  2. I can't wait to start jumping outside!! The ground is drying up!!!

  3. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun, I love doing grid work, so much fun,

  4. I just figured out why Pronto's name is funny.


  5. Both of you are great riders. Yankee looked awesome over those jumps!