Thursday, March 8, 2012

That Hansen is So Hot Right Now

Can we please talk about how sexual this colt is?

Say hello to Hansen, a 2009 colt out of Storm Cat and Seattle Slew lines. I think I'm absolutely in love with this horse. Not only is he a BOSS (currently undefeated) and raking in the $1.4 million dough for his owner, also named Hansen, but he is basically one of the most jaw-dropping creatures I've ever seen.

Second favorite for the Derby. I WANT TO GO.

I discovered him off the New Vocations website (I adopted Yankee from there), since I am currently OTTB shopping. His owner, Hansen recently donated $12,00 to NV which is pretty much the coolest thing ever. My parents donate every year in Yankee's honor, so I can relate.

NV always needs generous donors since they are non-profit. Last year I believe they helped place over 400 OTT horses and over all over 4000. I adore NV and will always and forever continue to support them through bragging, donations, reppin' and adopting.

Hansen plans to donate a portion of Hansen's winnings to NV throughout the rest of this year, which should be a butt-load if Hansen does as well in the crown as he is predicted to.

Hansen. Helping racehorses find new careers.

1.4 mill
2009 colt
storm cat, seattle slew