Thursday, April 5, 2012


I wish more than ever, that I was loaded. (Hilarious off topic remark, I was accused of being a spoiled rich brat on SnarkyRiders post simply because I have a blog that "brags and boasts my every move". That is so laughable I can't even summon words.)

Anyways, Prepare yourself to mega swoon...


I don't believe I have EVER seen a Thoroughbred as nice as this fellow. Even my Yankee. Sorry bud.

He is perfect. Just absolutely perfect. Deep chest, powerful quarters, short back, clean legs, good angles...and SHINY!

Oh the shiny!!

Also he is 16.3 and a 2007 model. PERFECT. Perfect.

Unfortunately, no price was listed and some people have already offered a tax deductible amount of $10,000. Why does this always happen to me? I can never find the perfect horse.

(Granted, I have my Yankee and love him very much, but I am not competent enough to take him as high as he is capable, I feel much better training a horse up to Prelim and selling them. Judge me if you want)

I hate everything.


  1. Also, that horse is only available through the Makers Mark Secretariat Center. Lovely thing, but you can only adopt him and technically the Secretariat Center holds the ownership. Basically you can keep him forever, but you can't sell him. He only would be returned to the Secretariat Center to be re-adopted.

    I went and checked too on that one, even though I'm not in the market. Because hello, not only drool worthy, but it has a nice trot, a LOVELY canter, and his blood is as blue as it gets (Banshee Winds is the dam of Banshee Breeze, who won the champion Three Year Old Filly Eclipse Award in 1998).

    Finally, that gelding is ACTUALLY a 2008 model, as Banshee Winds had a 2007 filly named EZ Indy by AP Indy. Not sure why Sec Center has the year wrong.

  2. Omg. He is gorgeous. whoever gets him is very lucky!

  3. Major drool. Gosh he's gorgeous!

  4. I had no idea that SC was like NV. That outs a damper on things. Yankee is from NV and he is the same way

  5. Why are all the nice, basic-training-already-put-on-them TBs on the east coast, like CANTER or NV? Sorry, but I have only seen one really nice TB come out of the ONLY OTTB program here in TX. And they still didn't have training already on him. The adopter had to do that.

    About the whole brokeness thing: that's how I feel about the Contucci filly where I keep Greta. Love her to bits and she is going to be stinking awesome... just can't afford her + basic training. Le sigh.

    Damn you money.

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhh :) Lovely pony.

  7. He reminds me of Mingun. What a beautiful face!

  8. Pssh. Buy my pony. Cheaper, just as pretty, can resell as desired. ;-)

  9. What a total stud muffin. *drool*

  10. Wow. Hubba! He's gorgeous!!! I'm not a TB fan but...holy crap, maybe I could be?

  11. Jules Charon chestnutappaloosa@...April 11, 2012 at 12:15 PM

    Wait...are you thinking of [or going to be] selling Yankee? Cause I'd like to talk with you if so! ;-)

    Annnd...f-ing blogspot is not letting me log on! F-U!

  12. Even if i wanted to sell him, I'm not allowed because he is from new vocations. I'm just looking for a project horse or another competitor