Friday, May 4, 2012

What The Friday

Kentucky Derby is Saturday, which leads me to beliebe why Vanity Fair felt the need to shoot this abomination...

GAG ME times 100, 098, 890.

Like seriously???

When I first saw this, I was even more pissed off because I thought this was just a model. Models posing wiht horses legit grind my gears because generally they know nothing about horses. Just seriously.

Then I found out this was Chantal Sutherland, one of the most badass woman jockeys out there. She has made a fortune doing what she does best, and she DOES ride well and win doing it.

But come ON? That picture is legitimately a sell-out and absurd. I just can't even....

 And NO, my opinion has nothing  to do with her bangin' body. I have one of my own, so that doesn't really matter to me. Well, the fact that she is naked...riding a horse in a hotel...does. And quite a few other reasons.


  1. Really?! I love it! I think it's bad ass, she's got a great athletic body..why not!! I think it's a beautiful photo!

  2. Because "bang me" pictures with animals are creepy....just, ridiculous.
    I agree though, she looks great..its just not tasteful and weirds me out.

  3. I don't like the photo either. I think their could have been a better way to say, "I'm a woman, I’m sexy, and I kick ass in a male dominated field.” It has nothing to do with her posing nude, it is the horse in the hotel thing. She could have been getting dressed or undressed in the jockey room with all the silks on the walls (very colorful picture, would have been pretty), or maybe a shoot in the winner’s circle. This is just… weird.

  4. Not a fan of Chantal period. Blech.

  5. Hahaha... I just laugh at these things. Whatever. :P Just laugh it off and be done with it :P

    1. Usually i do too. Just needed a topic and this was fitting.

  6. Like I said on FB, I have no issue with hot naked girls. BUT, I do have an issue with any naked human with an animal. EW! Creepy. I think she would have been way better off doing a Playboy shoot with just her riding boots and a crop or something. No horse! Leave the pony out of it!

  7. gotta agree its just not right! There is deffo better ways to say I'm great at what I do in a male dominate world instead of getting naked on a horse in a hotel! I also dont care bout the naked part its the horse in the hotel bit thats just wrong poor thing! xx

  8. She has the best airhead expression ever.
    "Waat? I'm in a hotel? Too many coronaritas! [giggle] "
    Coronarita: A corona turned over into a margarita. Easily the most disgusting mixed drink.
    I hate her for her abs. She could crush skulls with those thighs too!

  9. Maybe it's a play off of Lady Godiva:

  10. ok I just saw this in your sidebar...this girl raced my friends horse the other day, she's super nice lol