Sunday, June 17, 2012

Horse Show Hangover

(first off, seriously dissapointed in lack of readership and blogging lately by ya'll)

....I never really recovered from it fully and it has been almost a week since I literally did anything with my horse besides feed him. Normal hangover last about 4 days but I came down with what I'm pretty sure is the worst bout of strep throat in the history of human existence and I've been down for the count.

I literally thought I was dying last night. In my misery, since no amount of pain meds seems to cure the cold chills, body aches and throat pain, I've been sleepily plotting non riding blog posts.

And didn't post 'a one of 'em.

So many good ideas I will save for a later day. Today however, I will unleash the full brutality of my illness fueled aggression and irritation at 2 things..
1) Horse show reviews done by rider
2) Horse sales ads

First topic began with  an unfair disadvantage to the arguement because I already pretty much dislike with every fiber of my being the person of my initial thought lightbulb. Mostly though, its due to an increasing frustration with  horse people, and people in general these days (see my most recent WTFriday post below).

We are all guilty of this atrocity. Even myself. I have yet to find someone who is not.

I wish, with all my heart, that after a horse show instead of writing a bajillion word blogpost, facebook status, or text (going some thing like this...

Well, Superman was basically a superstar today putting up with me and my shitty riding. We WOULD have been in first place if we didn't buck at the canter transition, bolt at E, trip during our second circle, knock three rails in stadium or basically have any control or poise whatsoever. But I love him so much, he was a star! I'm just the idiot who screwed up our chances!)

YEAH ....OK.

Why can't people just grow some testicles and be like,

"Well, that really fucking sucked hard. We had no talent whatsoever today and we totally deserved that last place. Better luck next time."

instead of trying to make yourself look good after a complete failure? Face blew it. Cracks me up sometimes that people can't own up to things like this anymore...we just HAVE to make ourselves look good for everyone ALL the time!



Horse ads.

I wish people would stop being so generic...

"Butters is a 7 year old Training level event horse. She's totally sweet, forgiving, well mannered horse. She loads, ties, clips etc. She is handy and flashy.Always in the ribbons. $20, 000 OBO."

Perfect prancing pony
YAWN. I totally got bored reading that and I literally learned pretty much nothing except she looks like every other horse on the internet.

You could just say,

"My horse is a motherfucking badass."

And I'm like, YES. Want.

**I realize this is not practical, but seriously all those ads are generic. If someone said something like that I'd be ligitimately intrigued and not about to fall asleep

The things I  think if in sickly stupor.


  1. I love reading for sale ads. They make me smile. Some people are so clueless a out their horses. I love when they put pictures up of jumping or whatever and one leg is nice and they other is like way over here.

  2. The sale ads I like are where some hill jack person puts their 3 yr old on a 'Western Pleasure' horse - no helmet, no boots...because they are 'dead broke'.

    Feel better and thanks for the comments on my blog - always look forward to them!

  3. I know what you mean about being down about readership but this time of year is a busy time for all of us so I wouldn't take it personally. I know that I try really hard to read as much as I can but don't have as much time to take to comment like in the slower months.

    I hope you feel better soon. I hate horse show hangovers :(

  4. I don't know...if I have a shit day I do blame myself. If we screw something up, well, if I didn't ride like a dumbass maybe we wouldn't have. I basically think "Well, that's what you get for not paying attention." Klein has such an even keel that most times if something happens it IS something I did.

    But for sale ads. Agreed.

  5. Sorry about the lack of readership... I don't get online much lately. I keep meaning to change that but now I get on the computer and can't remember what I used to do that took me so long.

  6. Hahahaha you guys are funny. It was mostly a joke, I know people are busy! :P I was bein snarky

  7. That Butters is HOT, lol! And I like a funny and honest ad myself too.
    Hang in there! Summer's too hot to be in front of the computer too much..I post/read waaay more in winter too! xo

  8. Bwahaha you speaketh the truth on both counts missy....

  9. ROFLOL! This post is hilarious! Sorry you got sick....