Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mother of God

I just realized....with Jackie gone now...who is to take all the pictures of our badassery??

A) The boyfriend would not be thrilled, methinks
B) my camera committed suicide.

Also. I'm pretty certain that old saying "money doesn't buy happiness" is absolutely false.

I FINALLY got a REAL life, big girl job and felt the most giant weight lifted off my shoulders...and I've been on a rockin' mood even if when the two horses I was handling got in a tussle and my smartphones screen shattered.

Don't care ...yet lol


  1. Money may not buy happiness, but there are very few of my problems that it wouldn't solve. ;-) My way of looking at it. Congrats on the new job!! Hope it works out well.

  2. Yay for jobs and money! :D Boooooo for no pictures!