Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Inspired by Interwebz

I was going through my daily checklist of sites to visit...FB, pinterest, dogshaming, failbook, MSN get the idea, I waste lots of time at work. Anyways.

 I stumbled upon an article on MSN about "Equestrian Estates" and was wowed by the $25 million price tags on a home in Ocala. Oh to be swimming in monies. Then, in the bottom corner I saw a tiny little link to another article, "How Much Does a Horse Cost?". Intrigued, mostly because the MSN  writers are wildly misinformed and I enjoy reading their garbage in my free time, but also because I wanted to see their numbers.

It was....mostly accurate in my opinion...surprisingly, considering the massive variation in horse care costs. Their averages I felt were on the low end, but still mostly accurate, unless you live in a coastal region. The only thing I felt they underrepresented was farrier cost..they said minimum $100/maximum $500...IN WHAT STATE?? I want to live there!

What I'm interested in, coasters and southerners, is how much do YOU pay for things? No need to detail it out, but I AM curious!

For me, my horsey costs (not including anything extra, like tack or shows) has significantly decreased since I moved from Ohio to Missouri. I really have no clue as to why though, perhaps less of a demand for horsey services, since I am certain there are less (especially competitive) horses here in the BF of nowhere, than in other states.

The only that increased for me, was board, even though the price is significantly less here. I had my horses at home in OH, so the additional cost of boarding pinches my wallet a bit  more than I'm used to.

The Breakdown, MO

* Board- $200 mo/ $2400 yr
*Farrier- $97 every other month/ $582 yr
*Vet- $400/yr
*Grain- $65 mo/ $780 yr
*Hay- This year I will have spent $497, last year I spent $250


In comparison to OH

* Board- $0
*Farrier- $195/ $1170 yr
*Vet- $600 yr
*Grain- $300 mo/ $3600 yr
*Hay-On average, $600 yr

------> $6000 PER HORSE....
and I had anywhere from 3-5 at one time.

Even with boarding in MO, its cheaper. I know in OH, a good full care boarding place (indoor, jump field, nice stalls, good hay and grain) was $660...upwards of $800. Here in MO, full care in my area is $350-$475, with all of the niceness included. I know its more expensive in STL and KC but those are bigger cities.

Anyways, too many words. What do you all pay?


  1. I live in Canada (ontario) and I live in what is considered to be "horse country". right now Tooie is on outdoor board for $250/month. This is the cheapest I could find most places around here have outdoor board for $300+ and that is usually just hay and a paddock with use of w.e facilities the barn has. When tooie had shoes it was around $200(and thats just for fronts...ouch)but right now he is barefoot and my trimmer only charges $35 yay! (again she is the cheapest I could find but she still knows what shes doing) I wont get into vet details and stuff cause this comment is already a novel.

  2. Ooh, definitely doing a post on this. Interesting!

    What goes into your vet bill? Just yearly vaccs/teeth/yada yada?

    1. Yeah that is just the basics-shots, float, coggins. Lucky for me he rarely gets ill.

  3. Ack! I live in Southern Cali and I pay $800/month for board, this includes a paddock, turnout and access to the facilities (arena, covered round pen, track and trails, not allowed to jump unless in a lesson) and $150 for standard shoes.

  4. I live in Indiana -
    -full care board (includes hay, feed, turnout, stall, use of indoor, outdoor jump and dressage) is $400.
    - Farrier - $240 every 6 weeks for 2 horses (one is front shoes only, other is shod all 4 feet with a special made shoe for her club foot).
    - Vet - ??? would have to add it up!

  5. Maybe I should move states! I live in WA and pay $500 for full board (and that is on the cheap end) and $400 for 3/4 training (2 trainer rides and 2 lessons a week). $105 for Farrier. As a result, I really have to watch it on other horse purchases and do very limited showing.

  6. I live in Seattle, and board around here (for full care) goes from $425 (cheapest I ever found) up to $1200 (per month.) That's JUST BOARD. Of course that's the fancy/shmancy jumper barn, and you need to be in full training so add another $500+ per month.

    I have friends who shell out $240 per pop for their farrier. My horse better be able to fly for that cost!

  7. In central Florida, partial board is around $300 and full board is $400+. It depends on the stable, some are cheap while others offer the covered arenas and require lessons/training if boarding. I don't own a horse yet (just ride everyone elses) but I think my friends pay around $35 for a hoof trimming as needed. Group lessons are about $35/hr while private lessons $50-70/hr.

  8. Lordy, I'm going to regret reminding myself this;
    Board $185 BUT that is ridic cheap and I have like zero amenities but Laz love love loves it and therefore so do I. Small herd, good care. Typical is $300+, I was paying $325 to deal with crazy people,drama, etc prior to our move.
    Hay was 3.50 a bale, currently 13-15.00 a bale due to drought, we'll see where it ends up.
    Farrier, I've paid $40 a visit, and now up to $150 (waaahh but doing casting, etc etc)
    Vet-usually $100 to walk in door. I somehow always have a bill of 200-300 per call.

  9. I pay $65 for my farrier. Jake only carries front shoes though. And my farrier is the BOMB. I paid $65 in OH too, wonderful farrier as well.

  10. I live in coastal BC, Canada. I'd guess I'm spending about $450/mo. Hay/grain are super pricey here, but I have cheap board.
    I work contracts in Alberta and pay about the same there - board is more expensive but hay/grain are really cheap in the area I work.

  11. I live in KY...
    Board: $540/ month or $6,480/year
    Farrier: $180/ 5 weeks or $1,872/ year (full set)
    Vet: Who knows... I don't even want to think about it. I would imagine at least 2-3k
    Lessons: $35/ half hour - 2x week so 8x month - $280/month - $3,360/year

    Approx total (excluding horse shows and other purchases): $14,712

    The farm I board at is "full service" so we have blanketing, feed/supplements, hay, turnout/stall, access to large property and an indoor and outdoor arena.

    Interesting to see how it all adds up in different areas/ situations.

  12. oh god. This is gonna make me cry but here goes:

    Board is 700 for me in the Seattle area and that's middle of the road for full care.
    $400 for training (discounted from a friend),
    $80 a month for platinum and my non-barn supplied grain, nothing for farrier (WHEE self-trimming) and usually
    $200/month for vet (average for bodywork, shots, regular crap).
    So that's $1380 per horse per month. I think I probably always end up closer to $1500 by the time I wash/repair blankets, buy new breeches, treats or whatever I stumble onto.

    If I was just adding up Pia, I'd have to bump her vet up to around $4k a year... first with all the nuero crap, and now with all our preventative bodywork.

    God I hope my husband never sees this :)

  13. In Maine, my horse costs go like this:
    Board - $600 (full service with indoor arena. Average price for board is $400-800)
    Farrier - $45 every two months ($270)
    Grain and Hay included in board
    Supplements - $40 per month

    So that's about $8000/year, not including lessons, supplies, tack, etc..
    Oh god, so expensive!