Friday, February 1, 2013

FRICK! Its Cold Again.

 First, I would like to thank all of you with your input about the cruise position! It was insightful and I figure maybe I was a little too harsh on the position. However, I still prefer two point over anything. While I understand it might be easier for some riders when tired and the track uses it, I still don't see why it needs to be implemented over a XC course for myself and my horse. If it works well for others, have at it. Just my personal opinion though :)

Now though, a month before our first show, I would've liked to be schooling twice a week and riding 3 other days, but alas mothernature is a bipolar bitch and decided to torture me.

3 days ago it was 76 degrees and I could do this....

All ponies unamused. So meh.

 ...and I was SWEATING while riding. Sweating. In January. Last February, we had 3 days of NINETY degree weather. And then it dropped back to the 20s. Um, What.

True to the pattern of basically all winter, temps plunged back down to the single digits yesterday. The low last night was 5 and it felt like -5 thanks to the 20mph winds. It was miserable. Thus I no ride. I'm not a boss about braving frigid temps and wind and its just too damn cold to get anything productive done.

Thankfully, 3 days ago I did a little jump school. Since A and H were riding we kept the jumps low, but I set up one larger line (skinny, 6 strides to a swedish, 3 strides to oxer) and worked on fundamentals with the lower jumps.

Ponyface was kinda lazy, bored and grumps. Better than rushing between the fences I suppose. I truly think he is just so bored with anything lower than 3ft he just doesnt give a flip anymore. Win?

My favorite exercise is the 'bounce box' since it sets them back on their bootays and its really fun!

We set up a ton of options for lines. Bending, diagonal, 2-3 strides. It was really fun despite the low fences, & Pronto and Fancy seem to be improving!

He really isn't even trying. He's just like meh, bring on the 3'9 stuffs plz. HOPEFULLY this week (supposed to warm up to 50 again, who knew) I can set up a pretty big course.

I plan to take him over the 2'9 class as a warm up, since he always jumps pretty shitty at first and they don't have any warm up fences in the warm up ring (GASP WHY. why.). Hopefully he picks his feet up. then there is two 3'6 classes, one for speed, one for penalties, and I think I will only do the penalties 3'9 class. I'm lucky that these fun college shows are so close to me and cheap. I think for the whole day last year, minus gas, I spent $80 on entry fees for 5 classes.

This is from the 3'6 speed class last year at the same show. Is one of my favorite pics!

I also have a pupdate for ya'll! Levi has been awesome at the barn. He absolutely loves it and the other barn dogs. He stays right with me most of the time and even when he goes off to explore he always comes to 'check in'.  It is the cutest thing. Every 10 min he will come find me to let me know hes still around. I swear that dog is a genius.

Staying warm this morning

My guard dog :)

He's my special baby already. The tack whore inside me is bursting to come through and get him a fancy leather collar with one of those nameplates on the collar. They're kinda expensive (for a poor college grad) and not necessary at the moment so I'm putting a little away to save for a rainy day.

Tonight if I get bored I plan on sketching a portrait as an example for my contest. We are at 96 followers, and only need a few more to get to 100!


  1. I love how all the riders are smiling and the horses...not so much!

  2. Your weather is insane. I think I'd run out of banamine for the sensitive ponies. Yikes!

  3. We call the "bounce box" a pig pen.

  4. My ACD is the same... I just love the cattle dog personality.

  5. I used to ride with a girl and her mom does custom leather work. She has a website where you can view the leather collars (and other horse/dog products) that she does.

    I had one made for my dog a few years back, riveted bronze name tag and all. It came out fabulous. She uses good Weaver leather, and the collar lasted for a long time. For not being crazy expensive, you get an awesome product :)

    Her website is:

    Or, if you feel like drooling a little bit, check out

    I also got a collar from them with some gift card money. Crazy expensive otherwise, but OMG it's a beautiful collar.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Thank you ^ I will def head to her site :)

  7. I love riding with a group of friends. :)

    Levi is so adorable! I'm glad he's fitting in so well.