Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good Gravy....

....I SUCK at posting, or doing anything really. I'm sorry ya'll. Especially Cindy, I am SO behind. Forgive me *begs on knees*

After recovering from bronchitis and then the dressage show last week, shit hit the FAN. Of course. Thats how my life goes. I'm not surprised anymore. Not only did I work a milion hours, Yankee got an abcess, thrush and a fever ALL AT ONCE. He was laid up for a week and I was legit panicked about all the things.

Hurty pony is sad. But adorable.

He says "ouchies" :(
I felt so terrible for the poor guy. We've had nonstop rain for about 2 weeks (yes, and its still raining) and even though he stays in during the day and I pick his feet daily, he still got thrush. Per usual every spring. GO AWAY RAIN I HATE YOU.

It was horrifying. I said good night to him Monday night after our gallop (he was perky and fine) and the next morning his head was hanging, he was literally holding his leg up in the air and it was all puffy and hot. I picked the foot trying to find the problem, it starting bleeding ferociously, I panic, call my farrier, have him come out, he says he not only has thrush BUT an abcess in the BULB of his heel (WHAT THE FRICK, is this possible??) and the thrush was infected. How the HAIL did this all happen overnight??

Poor guy was a sad pony for about 4 days, but I gave him 8 days off anyways. He seems perfectly fine after much babying and we still plan to XC school this Sunday. I'm going to ride him today and am actually more worried about him killing me. Due to the foot ailments and the torrential rain, the horses have only been out ONCE in a week. They are going cray.

So there's that.

I guess I will never really do my second post on "Good Peeps" But I will say that I loved my bf a lot for coming to my show. Like a lot a lot. He hated it. But still came and videoed for me :) He MIGHT come schooling with us Sunday too. And he WILL come to my events >:)

Pretending to be thrilled

Poneh ready to travel! With my NEW shipping boots I got for Xmas-shanks mommy!

My Giraffe pre-show, just chillin

So the show- I will just touch on it since its a week later and I don't want to make this post hellas long. We did two tests and did great on the first and quite horrendous on the second. All my fault-sorta.

I couldn't have been more proud of my lil OTTB, he was chill from the second he stepped off the trailer. 7 years later I guess they chill out and stop caring. I only had to warm up for each test for 10 min because he was basically falling asleep he was so relaxed. HOPEFULLY he keeps that up for USEA dressage.

The first test he felt great, forward, bendy and overall just really fabulous.

We got straight 7's with the exception of our stretch work-5's. To be expected. The judge was harsh, played favs and we haven't worked on stretching in a while-oops. I love it when judges are like "really good" "great" "nice!" and still give 7s....uh thanks? We totally deserved the 5s on free walk and stretch circle though.

Overall we got a 68% on the first test and I was pretty happy with the exception of her comments in the end "Needs to be more relaxed" ...uh hwhat? Apparently he looked super tense, (I think thats just his TB head carriage) but to me he was THE MOST calm I've ever felt him. He was basically a cucumber. And I was SUPER impressed with his trot work. Looky!!

Our second test was alittle more...shitty. I had a reader because I get really confused trying to memorize USDF dressage letters for large arenas. Mistake. I could barely hear her and I missed TWO movements. Yes two. The judge yelled at her and felt bad for me but I still got 2 errors and I los tmy mind after making two mistakes.

I get really shaken when I mess up and I kinda quit riding. Yankee was still calm, but he felt me get nervous and wasnt great. Add to that I rode hella shitty and it wasnt fab. We got a 57%, mostly 4s and 5s HAHAHAHAHAAAA. Hwhat. Take a gander at my effed up eq...

Falling back much?

WHOA inside hand what the hail are you doin

Not a bad halt though
So that was Sunday. I was still MORE than happy with Yanks and our 68% got us a first.

Holla back later this week! Hope everyone is doing well and no one else is getting drowned with rain.



  1. Hmmmm, lets weigh that on the scale, shall we?
    On one side we have hurted pony, working crazy hours, and competing.

    On the other hand we have sitting still and drawing pictures for crazy lady in WY for a tiny bit of cash.

    Sheesh, I can really see your dilemma...not!

    You be fine, I've been a little busy my self and although I haven't forgotten, I was not worried about it. I am excited to see what you came up with, but you take as much time as you need. I'm cool.

    Glad that Yankee is doing better.

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  3. Our horses are twins. Simon has evil abscess from hell in his heel bulb too. Hope they both feel better soon!

  4. Happy to see he is doing better. Have fun Sunday!

  5. I would be psyched for a 68. Well done!

  6. Glad he is feeling better and it sounds like the show was good despite a few things! :)

  7. Sucks about the abcesess. But great about the show :-).

  8. I would literally die for any ribbon, lol, so yea for you guys! Poor Yanks on the thrush/abscess -those hurt them so bad, it's annoying. Nothing to do but wait/soak/wait/stress/soak, lol. Those jumping pics are REEEE dick. Talent. so much.

  9. Aww poor Yankee!!! That sucks about all of those ailments hitting him at once. :( I'm glad he's better. After Chrome got an abscess (first one I've dealt with personally) I feel soooo bad when I hear about another horse getting one. I knew they were painful, but I never realized they were THAT horrible!!! I hope Chrome and Yankee both never get another one because it's no fun at all. Have you ever tried salt water for drying out his hooves and preventing thrush? You just put salt in a spray bottle, fill with water, shake it up and spray it on the hooves. I use it to flush out his grooves to make sure I get ALL of the dirt and bacteria out. It's amazing how well it works... and cheap too. :D

    Congrats on your blue ribbon! How exciting! Don't beat yourself up about the second test. It happens. :)