Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I was bad.

SO I've been bad.

Very very bad.

Besides eating copious amounts of chips and chocolate the past few days...

I rode my horse. I cleaned stalls. GASP. Even though I was ordered to lay around at home and get better. Yeah right. I tried that for two days and about lost my shit. I can't...I can't even.

But Yankee was FANTASTICAL today. Everyone who popped in was all like, "omg he looks soooo good" "omg he looks so great. Like, so great". And I'm just over here fangirling kinda humble like, "You think? I mean we've been working really hard at it. I just hope its good enough..."

But SRSLY GUYS he was a dream today. You know those fancy dressage horses that are all gooey underneath you and bendy and put their shoulders and bootays where you want them to go and all that jazz? Yeah.

I forgot my inhaler though and halfway through the ride I felt like I was dying. Thanks Bronchitis.

In other news, I found out today that there's a Hickstead documentart coming out soonish.

The link is HERE.


If you don't know who he is...we....we can't be friends.

Also, don't worry contest winners from a coons age ago, your drawings are ALMOST done. I like to tweak them to perfection. And those who ordered drawings from me, no fretting either-yours are coming along too! I wish I could do them all in one day, but alas.  I can't.

PLans this week...more dressage schooling, then kick some ass  at the show. BOOM.


  1. YAY DRAWINGS!!! :D Hehe. I did what I had to do. So glad Yanks is doing well.

    Get better soon!

  2. Hickstead documentary? Oh boy! Hope you feel better and glad the pony was so good!

  3. I just found out that one of my best riding friends didn't know who Hickstead was. There... were no words.

  4. I couldn't even get through the teaser without tearing up. Hickstead's 2010 WEG performance was mind blowing, especially the round where they switched riders. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. I will not be able to watch the Hickstead teaser. I"m just gonna leave that alone for now. Congrats on a fab ride. always nice to know the hard work does actually go somewhere...

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    1. I don't think I have control over the comment thing. If I knew how to fix that I would help you out but I barely know how to add pictures to my posts! My advice would be to not check the box when you comment. I'm sorry I can't help!

  7. Hi. I stumbled across your blog a few days ago. It's fun and it makes me feel like a normal person with all of my trials and tribulations.

    I also noticed that you are planning on attending many of the same events that I will be attending this year, which begs the question.. What city do you live in? I'm always looking for carpooling buddies to events. I live in Hillsboro, about 20 minutes south of Fenton.

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    1. Add me on FB! I don't do email well. I live in Columbia, MO and am always willing to rideshare. Helps keep costs down!!