Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Raging Case of the Chicken Wing

Holla errbody.

I've been busy with work and selling my stupid car and sqeeeeing over the Florida excitement but managed to get a solid jump school in on Monday.

It was one of those days when you get on and you're like, "its gonna be one of those days". It was indeed.

He started off exceptionally lazy. Like, fat-QH-cowkick-the-shit-out-of-them-still-won't-move-crazy- lazy.

We then proceeded to warm up and fail.

top rail IS falling in this pic...

...this one too

Epic mouth jabbing while almost sliding off saddle. So talented at failing.

I got left behind numerous times and jabbed him in the face. Like wtf, what are we doing today. Not to mention chicken old german instructor would scream "VHAT THE FHUK ARE YOU DOING? YOURE GOING TO FLY AHWAY." Oh the horror.

dos knees doh.

Oh look rail falling again. And wings.

I blame it on the fact I hadn't ridden in a while and had recently gotten over the summer death sickness but that was still no excuse to 100% lose my eq and become a flying chicken. But seriously, Im very good at concentrating on my body and making it do what I want..but it wasn't happenning Monday. Yanks was exceptionally UP after we warmed up and was jumping me out of the tack to make matters worse...

No please. I need more canter. Thats not enough.

After 10 minutes of getting nowhere with a hyper horse and weak rider, I gave up and jumped a fence with no hands...

....Okay that sort of solves that issue there. We played around a bit more and got some cool pics in the process of attempting to improve our ride for the day. While I still got jumped out of the tack damn near everytime, I DID stop jabbing him in the face, and he actually jumped quite nice over some rather large oxers.

...Juut dont look at me please. Look at him. At him.

and my favorite of that day, which was exceptionally hard to do...

Two thumbs up for a superstar horse!

We are going to re do the last picture when we have better light because, come on,  its pretty freaking awesome. I want a pic of that framed.

Love this horse.


  1. Very fun! Glad he is feeling good and you are getting your groove back.


  2. Your balls must be HUGE because ... you'd have to have serious balls to do a double thumbs up over that jump! In all seriousness though, I would never have enough courage to do that. Never ever. Very cool :)

  3. oh my god you are insane, and I love it.

  4. What a talented pair! (and you lady - are brave + insane! ;D)

  5. Who's got balls of steel? You. If I tried that, I'd break my thumbs as I used them to break my fall.

  6. Holy crap! Totally awesome pics! I can't wait to see that in better light, JEEESSUUUUS!!! He is quite the superstar too.

  7. HOW IN THE HELL!?!? I would have eaten soooo much dirt!! LOVE that pic. PWEASE do it in your OTTB shirt---I'll post that shit everywhere!

  8. LOl awesome pic idea....might have to try that!

  9. LOl awesome pic idea....might have to try that!

  10. Yay for no handed jumping :) Cool post!!

  11. WOW! That is freaking awesome!!! I definitely want to see it in better light!