Monday, September 16, 2013

Special Hot Mess

Ignoring everyone's success/end of season showing/new horses/good times I'm going to try and remain positive but its been very difficult this week.

I have not had one good ride. Not one. They actually have gotten progressively worse and I want to cry.

Dressage day was an absolute fail and I'm pretty sure Yankee forgot how to canter. Literally. Forgot.

I don't even want to share how our jump school went Friday but I'm going to anyways because I like to exploit my failures with an attempt at weak humor.

 I even brought my trusty bf and put Yankee's fancy white boots on in an attempt to get some cute pics. The weather was perf and I was optimistic.

The jump school ride started off per usual, him feeling a bit lazy and knocking a few low rails. He always does this because why pick your feet up for sticks.

NBD, happens often. He works out of it.

Oh look, I have a reining horse...

I actually almost fell off. Pretty spectacular refusals. They happened at almost every fence. Brilliant.

And even when he jumped, my body..was just...terrible.

What in the actual fuck am I doing. No really. Where did my eq go?

No matter how hard I tried to get it together, my leg slipped back. I jumped ahead or I got left behind. A few times I jumped no hands and that fixed my leg but most of the time he refused or knocked the rail down. We are a special hot mess.

Got maybe 2-3 alright pics. Maybe.

I still can find major flaws and out of the 50 attempts we probably took, 2-3 is just

I entered Ridgefield for this saturday, but if my ride tomorrow doesn't go well I may have to withdraw.



  1. Ugh. Sorry your ride didn't get well. Maybe you both were just having a bad day -- hoping your next ride is better!

  2. At least you got some awesome fail pictures!
    Seriously though, that sucks and I feel your pain.

  3. Everyone has a bad ride occasionally. Hang in there.

  4. We all have those days. Hopefully things will get better!

  5. Well, you didn't eat dirt, and good lord you are jumping that high no hands... sorry still wrapping my little brain around that one... Hang in there, hope tomorrow goes well!