Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ride ALL the Horses PTI

First off, I am SORE!

Which is good because all I've been doing lately is....

...mostly chicken wings too considering I work at BWW and they're free and I'm a broke bitch...GAWD IM SO FAT.

I noticed in the recent pics we took that I seriously look like I gained all 40 lbs back. I've never liked the way I look in a saddle (my legs are stupid long and I have a short torso), but add thunder thighs, jelly tummy and ratchet ass love handles and BAM, whale in the saddle. I havent worked out in over 2 months and its showing. But. I work like, so much. Last thing I want to do is expend more energy working out. I think the problem is I only eat dinner because I dont have time to make meals during the day and keep forgetting to pre-make stuff, and whatever I eat I eat too much of, even though I avoid fast food like the plague and my metabolism is like the fuck is happening and now I'm jiggly. The struggle is real.

I digress.

This weekend I made a swift trip to the O-H I-O to pick up my silver child. She is perfect and I love her lots already.

Yankee pretending to hate it..but he told me he loves it. Its SO roomy!!

Also over the weekend I learned that one of my online horse friends died suddenly (even though people said at first it was a hoax) and it jolted me into some weird emotional state where all I wanted to do was cuddle things and tell everyone I loved them.

(The girls name was Lacey J and she was very famous on instagram for her trick ponies and daredevil feats like jumping 4'9 bareback or without hands. She was an amazing rider and a beautiful person all around. Never seen anyone like her and she died far far too soon. We only talked a little bit, but she was truly fantastic).

All I wanted to do was ride my horse when I got to the barn Monday. And I wanted to do all the things I've been wanting to do for a while, just in case I never got the chance again (see, death makes me weird).

I did some flatwork bareback despite his mount everest withers...
Try not to die of cuteness overload

NICE use of hind end buddy
  Jumped bareback...

Enjoyed my horse....

Jumped my favorite jump...

and galloped out in a field...

Sometimes you just gotta do what makes you happy. I won't get too emo here, but take a step back and appreciate what you have! Some people have it a LOT worse than you and you could be dead. Think on that, but don't let it ruin your day. Lacey J lived a beautiful life and she influenced thousands of girls to keep their heads high despite sometimes horrible circumstances. She was an inspiration and it made me think about my own life a little more. I needed that.

Hug your horses and people! (and other critters!)

Part 2-3 coming soon!


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower :) You are so funny when you write! Cracked me up (the first part at least!) I was expecting a much heavier person when I scrolled down to see pictures based on your description.... hahah.

    I followed Lacey on instagram as well...so sad :(

  2. I was the exact same way when someone I followed on Youtube died.... makes me weird too... I love the pictures. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate what we have. :)

  3. Love the trailer, sad about your friend.

  4. Ummmm... if those are thunder thighs, the rest of us are doomed.

  5. Sad to hear about your friend.
    It's always a good thing to take some stock of our lives and have that reminder to enjoy what we have instead of always wanting more.
    Love the pictures

  6. So sad about your friend...
    Pictures are fantastic, you are such a pretty (and duh, THIN) rider, Yanks is gorg and shadow puppy--to die for, wtf?! SO CUTE!

  7. Sad news, but beautiful pics. Lovely post x