Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mojo Has Returned

Tacked up the pony beast on Tuesday even though it was 90 degrees and I thought I was dying. (though in one night, it dropped 50 degrees and has been rainy and shivery 40 today. We are all confused. I thought I wanted the cold but really, I don't. Florida is looking better and better).

I was feeling frisky and I wanted to jump. I saw a girl on IG jumping her pony over a block fence vertical and I was like..Yankee can do that. Lets do that.

So we did.

And I found my Mojo.

Don't know why my body/mind wasn't cooperating over the last few weeks but not only did my brain tell me I'm a winner, my solid base eq came back to life!

Not sure how high that is but I'm guessing 3'9? It looked massive from the back of Yankee, but he was like, got it mom and I was like, sweet, I'm not worried about it.

For longtime readers, you know verticals are my scary human eating monster fences that I constantly get horrible distances to/ride badly to/almost fall off of at, kind of fence.

Got some pretty cool pics too, thanks to A!

I think it was my shirt giving me good juju...USA USA USA!


  1. I don't know about your blocks, but the ones at my barn (that look exactly like that and are the standard size lol) are 2 ft each, so that might be a 4 ft jump! But no matter what it is, you guys looks fabulous!

  2. :) huzzah. Love the moody dramatic clouds in those pics.

  3. Looking great, it's always great when you find your mojo again :-)

  4. I Love the header pic!!! I was hoping you would do the two thumbs up pic, but I will wait...I'm glad the mojo's back.

  5. This is awesome, love the shirt, and congrats! Rediscovering your mojo is the best!

  6. The moment you get your shit back together is always the best. You look awesome!

  7. Dang can some of your mojo rub off on me?! Those are some rockstar pics!

  8. Great pictures!! I'm glad you got your mojo back hehe.