Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sassy Pants

I feel like I start every post with and "I'm sore" statement, but seriously Yankee has had a trend of being a brat and it requires more muscle exertion than usual. Yesterday this would be my shoulders.

I think he almost pulled my arms out of their shoulder sockets. OTTB ass.

We've put in some good work this past week and I think mostly we are both just tired and he is especially grumpy. We spent most of yesterday fighting because doing things the proper way is hard.

Yanks has started  anticipating flying changes too, now that we have them *mostly* nailed, and its getting annoying.

Ponyface is one of those "grumpy lead change" horses. You know the kind. Ears pined, grumpy face, tail swish...but he does them. So thats nice?

He also tends to be exceptionallly exuberant in changes...

It would help if I would stay straight and released more with my inside rein...so theres that to work on.

Beast was also ON FIRE yesterday...and not in a good way. Talk about long spots, bucking, dancing sideways and overjumping.

Forward TB was forward

Fuck you mom I want to run

Holy bounce

At least Yankee is fucking majestic when he's sassy.

We had a few good moments. Only a few. But mostly he was a ratchet mess and even knocked 3 poles due to a flat canter and simple disobedience. GAH. My Arms.

Oh look he's a little chill here

Solid rollback

Oh Hi eq! I missed you lots!

Sassypants IS pretty though

Also, got a cool pic of a trot/canter trans

You might note that is is fucking december and I have a T shirt on. Yeah welcome to the midwest. When 3 days earlier I was...

Bounce bounce do yo thang
.....Freezing my ass off and had to jump in the indoor.

This was quite the rambling post but when I'm cleaning/listening to music my words are just not there. But pretty pics?

I uploaded my vids from the past 2 rides on my channel on youtube, but since his behavior was embarrassing I didn't post it here. Hunt me down on youtube if you REALLY want to see, ha.

Toodles my beautiful candy canes.


  1. Lol, I will have to youtube stalk you now. I love the checkerboard clip in motion, looks pretty bad ass.

  2. Do you recall the pictures I sent you of my old horse? The one I was hoping to have you do a drawing of? Yankee reminds me of him a lot. Especially in the "F-you, I want to run" pic. That same attitude that you can't help but love and hate all at the same time. They look(ed) quite a bit a like as well. Even their stars are (were) almost exactly the same. Danny is no longer with us though, we had to put him down not too long ago.

    I love seeing your pics though and then imagining it is what my sweet/ spit in my face Danny looked like when he was young.

  3. Such incredible photos!!! Do you always have a photographer at your rides or do you have some really kickass app?

  4. He is sassy! And majestic and pretty. :D Also I will totally take t-shirts in December. I LOVE t-shirts in December. This ice on the other hand.... HATE!