Monday, February 17, 2014

Facebook Official

I'm not quite sure if everyone who follows my blog knows that I art. Not only is it one of my 3 jobs (I teach painting and get people wasted), but I also art for fun! 

In college I got a minor in fine arts and specialized in drawing and paint media. I've never done anything with that (except it may or may not have made a difference in me getting hired at my place of employment) .....until now. 

...I have an announcement to make.

I am in the works of getting a business license to make and sell customized artwork. The process is halfway completed, with Etsy and Facebook pages made, but not activated. I'm still thinking on a name since I CAN and will do pieces that are not strictly equine. 

I'm hoping that this new adventure will pad my income level and thus allow me to show my damn beast. 

I know I've had requests for months building up among readers and I do apologize that I haven't finished anything. I work 70 hrs a week between 3 jobs, my horse is on self care and I have to sleep at some point. 

With this license I'm hoping it will give me time to ACTUALLY complete commissions, since my end goal is to only have two jobs, my business being one of them. 

So stay tuned!! 


  1. awesome, I still am interested in having you do one for me.

  2. Good luck!! Sounds like an exciting time for you.

  3. Wow....good for you for getting this going! Wish you the best of luck.