Thursday, February 27, 2014

Much Horse. So Wow.

Yet again, another duo ride between me and German Jessie. Yankee got his butt WORKED.

"You fucking humans and your ratchet shit and saddles and riding and things and dog."
 Which is good because I mean, he is an eventer. He should be used to long schools and double disciplines.

Contrary to our last ride, he was very compliant and actually made some progress from last time. I got some stellar still shots since I am still trying to compile a video for something I am applying for (not going well by the way. I am technologically retarded on some levels).

Not only was he compliant, but he was WAY more chill for the flatwork. I was setting up the jumps and videoing so I wasn't paying too close attention but I know Jessie was working on half-pass and transitions as well as the extended trot. 2 of those 3 things I cannot get my horse to, at all.

German training man.

Like...what are this? Is that...collection and impulsion?

Oh my god is that...impulsion? extended trot? Is he....not on the forehand? For once?

Oh look he's actually picking up his fucking legs

Ugh. Bitch. I kind of hate her.

Oh hai look I can flick my toes

I can sidepass too bitch

What what human  look at my legs. Look at them.

Video link for her flat work with Yanks is HERE

SO thats pretty cool. I wish I could ride him that way. MUST. LEARN. BETTER. DRESSAGE. HOW. TO.

Then I hopped on to jump him and I was like....

......I did not got this.

I think we crashed through the vertical at least 10 times. And it was barely 3'3. I mean I know verticals are our nemisis but seriously, a 3'3 vertical? Yankee. How many times must I remind you, YOU ARE TWELVE. Not 4. PICK YO DAMN LEGS UP FOO'

And Yankee was like...

Please Yankee? I'll ask nicely.

Yankee was like....

I really didnt want to come down to it, but I busted out the dressage whip. And just held it there. He knew I had it but still was like...

                                                             ....Yankee get it together!

I collected his canter, came around to the vertical and then I did what I never ever wanted to ever have to do to my horse...I hit him as hard as I could on the shoulder with that whip.  And guess what. He jumped it just fine.

And the time after that.

and that.

and that.

I hate to admit, but sometimes they all just need a reminder...but I still felt bad using such a harsh reminder. But seriously, he has been jumping for YEARS and a 3'3 vertical should be no issue. What was bothering me was his intentional laziness. I wish you could see the video of him not even picking up his legs. He literally telling me to fuck off and it infuriates me!

Luckily, besides the vertical, he was jumping very well and hopefully the jumper show friday will go well.

The first is 3'9 and the second is 3'6 and he was on point over the oxers. Almost over jumping, so at least I can count on his exuberance over the bigger fences. Damn verticals.

Wish us luck Friday...supposed to snow AND I'm braving this show alone...eeek.

Video link for me jumping Yanks is HERE


  1. He looks fantastic! Just a heads up too...the link that is supposed to be you jumping is in fact not... :)

  2. Can I borrow German-trained-Jessie? And while I'm not for needlessly punishing horses, really a smack with a dressage whip to a 1000lb animal is not that harsh, sometimes they just need that little reminder who's driving ;) He looks amazing over that oxer.

  3. Looks lovely in both videos! Spill the beans...whats the vid for?