Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Almost, Maybe. OK Its Me.

A few days ago I dragged Jessie to the barn to ride Yankee and see if she could figure out if his issues were real or not.

My conclusion,

Its me.

While we didn't do much besides a grid a small 2'9 oxer, he was perfect for her. Absolutely fine.

Much concentration. So try.
I got on and after the first round through the grid, this almost disaster happened because I can't ride...


Yes. That would be us eating shit. Semi-rotational fall that I CAUSED because I can't stay out of Yankee's perfect brain. Causing him to trip over the fucking foot and a half crossrail, flail, take out three jumps and almost die.

I really don't know how we avoided even a scratch, but he was THE BEST HORSE IN THE WHOLE WORLD and stood up, shook off, checked on me, and we ran through it again NO HESITATION.


Horses are too trusting. I CAUSED that and even as we were falling to our almost death he tried SO DAMN HARD to fix the situation. Horses man. They are the best.

So I am going to take break from jumping Yankee until I get home to Ohio and can take a few lessons to fix whatever it is that is causing me to ride him like shit. Its obviously me causing him to refuse and jump badly because he was great for Jessie. Something in my position or brain.

I can jump other horses....just not my own apparently.



I wanted to do a separate post on this BUT I AM TOO EXCITED.

Say hello to Bacardi.

uhhhh, HELLO tall, red and handsome.

And he is *almost* mine. 

A few more things to sign and a 6 hour round trip once we relocate to Ohio (MAY TWENTY EIGHTTTH) and all 17.1 hands of him will be in MY barn.

I have been obsessed with this horse since his current owner got him off the track and was DYING to have him.

I cannot EVEN begin to describe how pumped I am to begin my time with this horse. I truly believe he is something special. I saw something in him the INSTANT I saw him last September and was LIKE MUST HAVE VERY WANT..

2009 model, 17.1, 12 starts, $11k earnings. Northern Dancer and Secretariat on both sides, AND Bold Ruler. #OBSESSSED



  1. Umm, I think I would have some skid marks in my undies after that near death experience...but on another not so gross note, what a frickin' cute handsome red friend!

  2. So. You are buying the red one? Borrowing? Leasing? OMG WANT NEED MUST HAVE MORE PICS ALL THE PICS RIGHT NOW.

    And yay for lessons!

  3. You are going to have quite the duo!

  4. First off... That "Buy all the OTTBs" gif needs to be a T-shirt... I would wear it... Every day. Anyway! Good of you to figure out/admit what the issue is. There are so many people out there that ALWAYS blame the horse. Okay, sometimes they can be dicks, but is it all really them? It's like the kids in band class that hit a wrong note and look at their instrument like IT did it. Can't wait to see more pics of the new guy!

  5. Yay new guy! (and yay coming out of that tangled series of pics ok!)

  6. Yikes on the near death experience! I think waiting for lessons is a great idea. Sometimes it takes eyes on the ground to figure out what the heck we are doing wrong lol.

    Your new OTTB is GORGEOUS!!!! Congrats!!!!