Sunday, June 22, 2014


I was going to blog about my past few AMAZING rides but I have lost all motivation to be positive.

I got a comment on my last post to stop complaining, but sometimes people get upset and vent blog is where I do that on occasion. If ya'll don't like it then just dont read! But I have been and always will be sarcastic and snarky about most situations.

And something rather devastating happened this morning so brace yourselves for a few months of me being REALLY frustrated.

I got kicked.....HARD.

I am injured...pretty badly.

Tore my thigh muscle real good. Can't bend my knee....and thus, ride. Or work out.

For about 2-3 months.

Will I heed these instructions? Most likely not.

(I'll probably get fat again. And be real sad I can't show this season.)

I just got B and want to keep him in work (hello lunging and bareback rides) AND my friends mare arrived for training yesterday.

What fucking horrendous timing.

I swear to god my life is full of moments of excellence to lull me into happiness then shits on me, haha.

Granted, it wasn't my HEAD or knee and I didn't break anything, but a tear is pretty serious. You can literally stick your finger in the hole in my leg...its gross. And apparently my leg is going to fill up with blood and get a really hard lump and just be gross and bruised.

So, with GOOD reason, I am real upset today about life.

Here's a pic from my last flat ride and of my beautiful boys because why not

I am going to try my best to stay positive, but COME ON life, WHY. Everything was going great.


  1. Owww - bummer about getting kicked. Being sidelined by injuries just sucks.

    Had really good results with my giant hematoma last summer using Arnica. Pain, swelling and duration were improved. Topical is very soothing, and you can also take the homeopathic pills if you're so inclined.

  2. Sending you good healing vibes. I don't think you complain a lot on your blog. I mean, WE ALL complain on our blogs but it's mostly due to a need to vent. And I find your sense of humor funny and sarcastic. So don't stop blogging dammit! :)

  3. I always enjoy your posts and your sarcasm. And I agree that blogs are an good place to vent when needed, I don't think you complain very much at all.

    I'm sorry about your leg, that sounds way painful. Take it easy and get better :)

  4. So in your spare time, I vote you write a post about how you got such an epic kick. That sounds nasty.

  5. OUCH. I had one of those recently too. Get well soon.

  6. As someone who actually WAS kicked in the face, I can sympathize. I hope you heal up quicker than expected.

  7. Heal up, be safe, try not to push it or else you may be screwed for even longer!
    Be careful and continue being awesome :)

  8. Ouch!!!!! Who kicked you?? That sounds absolutely awful... :( I hope it heals quicker than expected and I'm glad it's not broken.

    I personally don't think you complain too much... I LOVE reading your blog and really enjoy your sarcastic sense of humor. That's what makes you stand out from the crowd, so don't change just because of one party pooper. Our blogs are here for us to vent to people who totally understand where we're coming from so that we don't annoy the crap out of the non horse people in our lives that don't understand. If they don't like it, they don't have to read it!

  9. HOLY ouch!!! A hole in your leg (passed out...) who kicked you? Kicks feel like getting shot. I think ;) Heal fast girl!

  10. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings with my comment. I hope you are ok!