Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dressage Queen Says Hello

I've been  home like two weeks and I am seriously sick of the rain and mud.

Everything is wet.

Everything is muddy.

Everything is moist.

There are puddles and mud everywhere.


Besides a brief 3 week layover, I never once went without a covered arena in MO, and even in rain the outdoors were fine. It made me forget all the woes of training and OTTB in muddy fields and having to suck it up and board over the winters (please dear god no). It makes me wonder how I ever got so far with Yankee and then I remember OH YEAH the most progression came with an arena.


My inner eventer is being shoved aside as my DQ makes an appearance. Its seriously hard. Okay. I want flat. And sandy. 

Nonetheless the boys are being okay sports about it.

Poor Bacardi is slipping all over the place and getting frustrated because he simply isn't strong enough to maintain proper bend or frame on DRY GROUND and I'm just sittin in the saddle like, "this sucks" because I can't get mad at him for insubordination. He's trying pretty hard though.

And Yankee is a total diva about mud. Like, refuses to step in it at all. So we've been doing lots and lots  and lots of 15m trot work on the flattest part of the field with the least amount of mud. Jesus.. Its

Running out of ideas here.

Today I guess I will take each boy down the road...up and down up and down. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I just want it to stop raining. Am I being too whiny? Probably. First world problems.

And then there's this... of Yankee having a thoroughbred moment.

He literally galloped around for 7 minutes straight, as hard and fast as he could. Was having a ball! So adorable <3 br="">

I still miss jumping.


  1. You can have some of our summer weather, can we have some of your rain? My dry grass I used to call a lawn would love to trade.

  2. Welcome to my life. I haven't had access to a covered/indoor arena in 3 years, except for our rare trailer-outs. I haven't had an arena at all in a year and a half... we have to ride in the rocky, bumpy, bushy, prairie-like field that comes up to her knees and beyond. Either that, or trot down the road. It's just SO funnnnnn.

  3. Is there somewhere local you can trailer to? I do have a nice big outdoor school but no indoor and since Im in gets very snowy and cold here! I usually trailer out in the winters.

    Another idea, not sure if you can since it is your parents place, is to take a tractor and scrape the first 2 inches off some land...and flatten it out. Its actually pretty easy and you can make yourself a nice dirt school.

  4. Yeah I've never had an arena (indoor or outdoor) which is why I so rarely ride in the winter lol. We've been having a TON of rain too. Like an abnormal, scary amount so everything is mud here too. I can totally relate to how you're feeling with green horse and no arena. It sucks. Riding up and down the driveway gets OLD fast.


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