Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I've Been Bad

You can't keep me down. I can't not ride. I've been bad.

Okay, you could keep me down for a week and half, but for the sake of everyone around me, I HAD to get on a horse again. I went without riding for a year in college and it was the worst thing ever. I cut my hair and dyed it black and ate my feelings and gained 40 lbs and was such a bitch to everyone.

No one wants that again.

We went to WI for the 4th and while there we met up with my cousins and had a lovely leisurely trail ride through the woods on the property filled with many deer sightings!

It was wonderful! They have QHs and ride them only a few times a year, but they were very good, even for my novice dad. Cuz put me on the baby since the  adult humans are all older and didn't want to mess with her. Even injured I suppose he thought I could still handle her. Which I did-she wasn't that bad. Just sensitive lil mare.. She was adorable.

Cuz is a "real" cowboy and I always think its funny how decked out he gets for every ride. Love him! Hopefully can make that an annual ride sort of deal.

As soon as I got home Monday from the 5 day trip, I ran to check on the babies, and mom hadn't killed any of them (one time she fed Yankee beet pulp dry and he got trailered to OSU for surgery-ended up pulling through without it but BAD colic...so yeah) and they looked happy and healthy!

All 3 babes
Bacardi has done well gaining weight, just sitting around for 2 weeks and in a month I would say hes gained almost 100lbs? He needs more muscle but DAMN, no more ribs! And Yankee is  FAT little nugget. So fat!

Week 1 on the right-ribs filling in nicely
 Seriously though, talk about $$. Baby can EAT.

I hopped on him tonight and just lazily hacked him about the fields. Trotted a little, but trying to keep it easy on my leg. I had already bareback ridden Yankee in the morning so I didn't want to overdo it (still probably did but YOLO).

horsebeast stargazing
 He was SO good for having 2 whole weeks off. A little squirrely, but to be expected. We even hopped a ditch filled with water 4 times that he refused to go over when he first arrived. Good boy!

I spend most of my time these days daydreaming about shows, but I know that sadly isn't possible this year. I've gotten over being frumpy about that and am excited to work with B in the trailer, fine tune Yankee in dressage, get B some trail experience, start jumping B, and overall just work with them without the stress of showing.

Disappointing this injury put my showing out ANOTHER year, but so it goes.

As requested......
 Sorry you guys didn't get an initial pic, but here's a few weeks later for your viewing pleasure. Nice hard lump right where the blackest bruise sits. MMM. Yummy.

So yeah there's that fuckery. Getting better each day. Maybe one day I can jump again and canter without worrying I'm ruining myself. I knew I couldn't stay off a horse (much less stay sedentary) for 3 months.

So bad.


  1. holy cap that bruise is intense. I knew all of these things but I'm still commenting because I love you the most. meese chu betch.

  2. You must have iron femurs! Amazing bruise glad you are back in the saddle

  3. That bruise is ridiculous!! Glad you snuck back in the saddle early, it makes everything better!

  4. Yeah. Who needs muscles anyways? Lol. Hope the healing continues and the boys get ridden and the doctor doesn't get too mad.

  5. Ouch!!!! I bet it will heal quicker than mine did since no skin was broken (that I can see). I'm glad you're able to ride already. :D Wow Bacardi was thin! He's looking so awesome now.

    Dry beet pulp can cause colic?? How much did she give him? I used to feed it dry until a horse choked so now I soak it, but I didn't realize it could cause colic unless a HUGE amount was fed and then swelled up....

  6. Um pretty sure jumping ditches doesn't qualify as easy trail hacking, but glad you're starting to feel better ;)