Monday, September 22, 2014

Still A Titch Bananas Here

Quick update....

I had the ultimate pleasure of lunging my two beautiful horses today. They're so pretty. Did I mention they're shiny...and pretty?

About the only thing they are at the moment, besides a giant pain in my ass, geezus. 

I love em but between the lameness issues and insane fuckery on the lunge, worrying for two weeks over random  mystery lameness, hoof problems and hoping they don't kill themselves in the pasture with shenanigans.... I'm about over it.

 hahahahahaaa *crazy lady laughter* *soul slowly getting crushed*

Relieved they are feeling better, but good-ness. I haven't been dragged around like that, ever really. Bucking bronco maniacs. 

Hopefully they summer down and we can return to our regularly scheduled programming. 


  1. yikes - sounds like they're feeling FRESH ... hope they come down to earth soon!

  2. its the change in least, thats what Im blaming it on!

  3. Feeling better is good hehe. I hope you catch a break soon. Sounds like it's been really stressful!! I hope the job is improving as well. :D