Friday, October 24, 2014

Connection; Engage

I realize what a play on dressagey words my title is, because you know, connection and engagement.

But what I really mean to hint at is the gloriousness that is the level of bonding Bacardi and I have reached as of late.

He nuzzled me guys.

THAT only took 5 whole months but god bless it, my flighty, nervous baby nuzzled my shoulder and it was ADORABLE.

I could never put my finger on Bacardi. Does he like me, or nah? He LOVES his face being brushed and petted, but when I first got him, GOOD LUCK touching his face without him running backwards. He would come up to me with interest, but if I made a move towards him he would retreat to the back of his stall again. He always had this look, like he didn't quite trust you. And I was already ready for him to spook and RUN AWAY.

I didn't consider myself his person. And I knew he didn't consider me HIS person. He was just a horse I owned.

He always did what I asked of him under saddle too, but there wasn't that *connection* ya know?

Yeah you guys know.

When you can just shift you weight and your horse knows what you want instantaneously. When you sit deep and they give you a flawless transition down. When they canter just as you lift your heel to ask for it. When they halt with a slight movement in your seatbones. When they rock back with the tiniest of half halts. When you are connected mind and body.

You know *that* feeling.

I hadn't felt that with B, until today.

He literally did all of those things with just a touch. It was magical.

I has a horse guys.

I finally feel liek his person.

My mud pony on our hack today
Maybe he just finally realized I feed him. Or maybe he really does love me :D


  1. I so know this feeling. Steady had always been the most stand offish horse ever. Not flighty just disconnected with people. It is cool that you are getting that connection this soon. 5 months seems like a long time to most but for Steady it was years of say between year two and three. It was sad. I knew he had it in him some where but I didn't know if our when he would let people in. I guess ten years on the track and being sold repeated for the last 5 would make anyone disconnect. But you saw how much of am in your face goof he can be now. Do happy Bacardi is beginning to trust and love you. You know as well as I do if you can earn a TB's trust they will do anything you ask.

  2. We've all been in need of that moment. I'm so glad you've found it!

  3. yay!! what an exciting feeling! my leased arab was super aloof from me for a long time... and it definitely felt special when that started to change :)

  4. awww..I still struggle to get Penny to let me be her person. Glad you have crossed that bridge!


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