Friday, October 3, 2014

Got My Mojo Baby

I think I am finally getting used to this wild schedule. Perfect.  Because as just as soon as I mastered it, its changing on the 15th. Work moved me from 8-5 to squeezing in riding, workout and all the other adult things might be trickier. And winter. ITS COMING.

Side note: I would like to say again how absolutely groovy you all are! I am so thankful for everyone's support in the form of comments, tips, congrats and suggestions!

To answer the trailering question posed on "where did we go"...nowhere. Hahaha. We just practice loading over and over and over until our souls bleed from sadness. That day he just happened to load up like a boss. Hopefully he keeps it up!

Secondly, I will be putting shoes back on the Yankster. I've concluded that like some women regarding high heels some horses cannot go barefoot. I should have known from the 3 other times we've tried it, but I thought maybe just maybe one.more.time. Definition of insanity right there. Hi.

I am also changing farriers for many reasons. Namely, Bacardi threw a shoe and there literally is no reasoning as to why. 4 weeks from our scheduled appointment, Belled. No mud. No romps. No riding, really. On top of Yankee's staggering 10 losses in 3 months...yeah, its time. Hopefully he can help me with Yankee's feets and keep B sound as well. That all being said, I will keep the bootie offers in mind in case new farrier thinks Yankee can try again over winter. Thank you all!!

Due to said lameness and schedule and life changes and difficulty adjusting up until now (the 4th week), I have not ridden much. Shocker.  The few times I've tried, Poor Pants has issues even trotting comfortably in our field out back, so I've taken to riding on the road when I have time. He feels neglected sometimes and lets me know by shunning myself & B when we tack up in the aisle. Poor babe. Right now he's adjusting to some time off and just enjoying getting groomed, loved on and in general, spoiled shitless.  I've never seen a fatter OTTB in my life, love it.

Since Yankee is pretty much down for the count, you'll exclusively get rained on with Bacardi pics. Because lets face it, he's gorgeous.

Minus our 2 ish week lapse in soundness due to a freak muscle strain ( I'll explain later) and my inability to get my ass in a saddle, the baby has been super groovy whenever I DO pull him out to torture school him. We had our cray cray moments on the lunge last week, but in general, he's coming along steady as can be like a good man.

Our last ride was exceptional and the boy got some really cool shots. Props to him for suffering through the mosquitos for me. I can't wait to make him get some fall video >:) Because, you know, fall.

Namely PSL's, leggings, scarves and oversize sweaters. Oh and leaves. 

Countryside. I will never get tired of it!

Got some really excellent trot work out of the  lad and some bangin' transitions, which is all I can ask for with my piss-poor riding. Who knew sitting slumped in an office all day affects your eq?


 love this trot action

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So thats just a week update on the slow goings here. I cant tell if they are enjoying their time off or not but at least we are past the fall sillies!


  1. love that trot - and all the pics of the pup running alongside lol. glad he's bein such a good boy! good luck with the new work schedule

  2. Awesome that you are getting a system all figured out! Farriers are worth their weight in gold-hopefully this new guy is fabulous and puts an end to your shoe woes.

  3. So glad the kinks are working themselves out for you!

  4. Sounds like you're getting life figured out. Yay!

  5. Really good to hear that things are really coming together! All it takes is time! And I'll say it over and over, I love your dog haha.

  6. I won't complain about B pictures! :D I hope Yankee gets back to normal quickly. I'm sorry he's going to be so hard to transition. Oh well, hopefully someday. Also I'm so happy you have adjusted to your new job. It's amazing how much better we feel after a month at a new job. I hope the new schedule change doesn't throw you for a huge loop again.


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