Monday, October 13, 2014

Lets Play A Game

Specifically, Never Have I Ever. The rules are simple and everyone should know it. Do you have your adult beverage of choice? Sweet, lets do it.

Never have I ever been gotten fake nails.

Never have I ever shown above training level at a sanctioned event.

Never have I ever owned a warmblood.

Never have I ever been to AEC's.

Never have I ever bought a horse for more than $1000

Are some of you feeling tipsy yet?

Never have I ever smelled anything in my life.

Never have I ever seen a Marilyn Monroe movie.

Never have I ever catch rode at a USEA event

Wait. that last one was a lie.






The universe DOES care. It does!

Just as I was truly getting in a funk about the lameness issues (now solved, but prevented riding for a few weeks) and prolonged time off from being sick, insane schedule change, and now the torrential rains, a fellow blogger messages me asking if I would be crazy enough to ride a horse I've never even seen in real life at a sanctioned USEA event THIS WEEKEND.

Um, absolutely.

I thought about it for approximately 18 minutes and then was like, yes. Hell yes. HAIL FUCKING YES.

Completely disregard that I don't have half my showing clothes anymore (stolen) or that I haven't even shown sanctioned in TWO YEARS (omg *dies a little*), or that I'm ever so slightly out of riding shape. Its fiiiiine. It'll be fine. An adventure, if you will.

The details are still in the works, but as of now, right now, on this 13th day of October, I, Monica, will be making my debut back onto to scene of real eventing, riding a horse I've never met.

Some of you may know him as Steady. I know him as Mr. Shiny and fellow OTTB poster child. And now my mount for the freaking Team Challenge!

As adorable as OTTBs come
My love for this particular show began way back when Yanks and I competed on a Novice team while going training. It was hella funsies and to this day, one of my favorite memories. If I recall correctly, my team placed third, which was HUGE for me and my baby self with my baby OTTB.

So of course, the eventer inside me is quivering with anticipation and the added excitement of the unknown. Too bad its the last show of the year, but I DONT CARE I'M GOING TO A USEA SHOW IN 2014.

Besides, he so stinking cute and ready for action. I love it! His owner says he's a bit strong and words like "over exuberant" "insanely fast" and "easily pissed off" were thrown around, but that only adds to my fun. Has anyone actually SEEN Yankee go XC? Does anyone know why I use the waterford combo with a leverage action noseband? Yeah. More words could be thrown around for Yankee, like, "Mildly retarded" "Might actually be bipolar" and "nearly uncontrollable".

Totally wicked awesome substitute for my non-riding blues.

Can't wait!


  1. Wow!!! So exciting!!! But what is this about never smelling anything?? Huh?

    1. congenital anosmia, born without a sense of smell!

    2. OMG you can't smell horses????? :(

  2. Ballers!!! Can't wait to read the recap! Good luck!

  3. This is awesome. Best of luck!!

  4. Wow, this is cool! I'm so happy for you! Have a blast!

  5. Woohoo! what an awesome opportunity - gonna be fun!

  6. That's awesome! Also, this entry is hilarious :)

  7. I'm so excited!!!!!!! That is totally awesome!!! There had better be photographic and/or video evidence or I'm not talking to you... until your next post lol. I can't wait to hear all about it! Riding Steady is like meeting a movie star! So exciting!

  8. That's amazing! Agree with everyone above, pictures/videos... We want it all! Good luck to you! Can't wait to read about that post. AWESOME!