Tuesday, November 4, 2014

7 Weeks

Thats how long its been since I've ridden this dreadfully handsome horsebeast.

Rather dashing, for a mud buffalo disguised as an eventing horse. And can we also please notice how dapper levi looks in dog clothes?

Yankee's time off culminated from the lack of organization in my life, hectic schedule and minor injuries to Yankee feets.

To recap; we had that whole debacle with the first farrier I tried when we moved back to OH. Not only could the farrier not keep shoes on, but he charged for it everytime he had to come out to put them back (not customary in my experience). Yankee ripped his shoes off 10 times in the span of 3 months, 7 of them I believe on the RF. As you can imagine, the RF was shredded. Then, we pulled the shoes in an attempt to save what little hoof wall we had- wrong choice, and he got a mega stone bruise. New farrier set beautiful shoes on him (they stayed by the way, in all the mud and weather fuckery) and I continued to give his fat self time off.

It did wonders.

He was feeling fresh and perfect when I tacked him up Sunday for the first time in SEVEN weeks. Thank God for Bacardi or I wouldve gone insane.

Luckily, I still got to play with him while he was on his vaca getting fat and shaggy- in what little "spare" time I had. In a lackluster attempt to de-shag him a I attempted to clip him in some cool and fashionable way.

Please disregard all horrible eq in photograph
Unfortunately for the boys, my clippers shit out mid clips, so Yankee is stuck with this and poor B looks so so sad half fully body clipped. Luckily for Yanks, I was smart and did ass first, then front trace. I wanted to get a trace done on B too that night, but then got clipper happy and kept rolling right along until *bzzzzzzz-shhiiiitttt*.

NEVR BREAK THE CARDINAL RULE OF CLIPPING: do not clip one full side, then the next. Always match sides evenly and clip a pattern that will look good if clippers shit out. I knew this and still disobeyed and now my baby looks ridiculous.

I digress.

Yankee was wonderful. Not an ounce of stiffness or lack of energy in his body. He wanted to go go go

Honestly, how does one even trot that big?

Not much else to report on that ride...fatty magoo got tired after 5 minutes (literally) and I didn't wan to overwork the poor guy.

I also rode B, but thats for another post. Just wanted to share my majestic steed and all his wonderful ass glory. 


  1. Love the clip! Sorry the clippers died. Oh and that trot is mega impressive!

  2. yay so glad he's back in action! and the chevrons look fab on him :)

  3. Awesome CLip job! You should do a how to on that some time... Jealous of your mad skills :)

  4. Clippers are the devil, always dying at the absolute worst times. I like the chevrons! Oh yeah, that trot is fantastic!

  5. Glad you got to have a nice ride back on your boy!

  6. Clippers are a pain. Mine need to be serviced. :-/

  7. The real question-how does one sit a trot that big!? His booty is stylin' btw.

  8. I just love that boy. And now he is more awesome with his fun clip job. Bacon wants to be his friend.


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