Monday, December 29, 2014

I See The Light...Maybe

Finally a follow up post on my ramblings and worries about the babyface.

First off, love all of you for suggesting nix the alfalfa. I think that might've been key. We will revist momentarily.

Second, for those of you that suggested Magnesium, he's been on it now for 2 months. As well as Vit B1 because I heard that helps the Mg. I don't know how long it takes to actually see a difference, but he's on it.

For everyone else, thank you for your condolences on his shitty behavior. This is why I love blogging. Virtual support groups that legit understand my ass pain!

Back to the alfalfa thing.

After more than a week of no alfalfa, I do conclude it had the effects of giving a toddler candy. Everyday. For weeks on end.

I dont know if its truly the alfalfa, or the new bit, or the weather change, but B was an absolute angel today. Minor spook (yes, singular) at Levi running around like a psycho, but otherwise a total doll.

He just so happened to lay down in a mud PUDDLE right before I came out. Which was really annoying. How do I know? He was literally dripping mud. Dripping. I fucking hate winter. Didnt even attempt to mitigate that issue and said fuck it, riding you with big mud splashes up and down your right side.

Super excellent really good angle (sidenote, those stirrups are the SHIT)
Other than the mud, couldn't have been happier with the red nugget. I'm hoping it was the absence of the Alf making the difference, because if today was a fluke I'm back to square one and scratching my head. Who really knows with horses though.

Oddly, its 30* colder than it was last week and he's BETTER behaved. So really, whats the explanation on that one, ha.

All I care about is that, for once, an almost perfect ride was had.

We hacked down the road for a bit and he was perfectly content on the buckle. No jigging, no dancing sideways, no snorting...NO SPOOKING.

Majestic moose modeling his new bit
 I trotted him on the buckle up and down the road about a 1/4  mile near my house for a few laps, since that was the only solid ground to be had in sight. Then we ventured out into the wilderness.

Deer season is finally over, so the wondrous world of Ceasar Creek Park land has opened up to us. My favorite part of winter! Long rides through the trees and fields, just me and my horse and my dog. Its magical.

And luckily, no baby antics!

Sadly it was a tragically mucky mess, so we just walked, but it was still a breath of literal fresh air to have a good ride.

Lets hope it stays this way!



  1. So glad to hear that the nixing of the alfalfa may have helped. :)

  2. Yay Bacardi!! Magnesium took literally three days to work on my baby so I suspect it's not the magic pill for you. But several ottbs at my barn are totally off alfalfa for the same reason as Bacardi (including mine, but he does ok on it away from home sooo...). Yay lack of baby antics.

  3. Diet makes a huge difference! Those Thoroughbreds are just so sensitive :)

  4. Awesome to hear that he's being better! There is light at the end of the tunnel after all :)

  5. Oooh yes second the alfalfa problem.... thank god both of my mares are level headed on alf but my god it's like crack and I've seen some horses turn into giant psychobat monsters when on it. As soon as the alf goes, poof! Back to normal!

  6. within 2 weeks on the Mag you should see a clear difference. However, without zinc and copper the mag is useless, I believe the work in tandem for the absorption.

  7. Glad you have your good pony back! New bit looks fab and I love composite stirrups too. Won't go back to the old fillis ones unless I show eq. And then they go on for 1 class and come right off!

  8. He just likes to keep you on your toes. That's all! ;)

  9. Yay, glad his brain is mostly rooted in his silly baby head now!

  10. sounds like an awesome ride - hopefully nixing the alfalfa did the trick! also - don't think i've ever noticed those tiny adorable spots on his nose!!!! too cute lol

  11. Glad to hear things are looking up!

  12. Yay for an awesome ride!!!!!! I hope it was just the alfalfa. I finally made the connection that my horse's unusual spooking was from a fat supplement he was on. Keeping my fingers crossed it only takes a week for him to get back to normal. :)

  13. Woot woot! So glad to hear you might have found the problem for Bacardi - nothing worse than crazy baby antics to put your off your ride...

    bonita of A Riding Habit