Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blog Hop: Fitness

What better way to continue on the new year goal train than to hop on with the rest of my blogging friends! Herro Blog Hop! Theres no better way, actually. Its the best way.

I would like to say however, that I have yet to clean my tack...but thats irrelevant-ish here (THANK YOU for all the WDW responses by the way! So helpful!)

Tracy from Fly On Over was the origin, to my understanding, but I've also read many other posts and felt the urge to join in.

Because accountability.

And since I'm still sore from riding my beast on Tuesday, its safe to say I have fallen off the exercise wagon. HARD.

No one is this happy to work out
Granted, Bacardi was LITERALLY the worst animal in existence on Tuesday, and I am not fucking exaggerating, but I haven't been sore in YEARS from riding. So that was a wake up call.

A picture of us
Could be the twisting, explosions, bucking and rearing fits that had me hanging on for dear, sweet life (thighs of steel yo), but still, sore? From riding? Please.

A couple of posts ago I had admitted that I am the absolute worst at sticking with goals or being motivated. The actual worst. And that is especially true for the gym. No matter how hard I picture an insanely hot, toned bikini body, it cant make me get up at 5AM for more than a few months. No matter how much I know that extra plate will go straight to my ass will prevent me from stuffing my face like a true American glutton. Its a real problem.

There for a while when I began my real person job, I joined a Crossfit gym and woke up regularly at 5am to gym before work. CF was a very love/hate type of relationship. I actually grew to like the cult gym and the CF workouts & learned all "CF talk", even though I wanted to die while doing them. Like I actually prayed my heart would explode so I wouldn't have to be shamed into finishing a WOD. Dont get me started on the PR talks and protein drink obsessions those people have. But seriously, CF was a great kick in the ass and I lost like 9 lbs and got ripped and really strong. And then the holidays came and I stopped going and kept eating because I am a fat fat fatty.

Nothing made me do work like CF though. Nothing. I hated it every fucking second, but the coaches made me do shit and I got shit done. It was an hour of hell, but so worth it. I would really like to go back, actually, because I apparently like to be tortured... but I know getting back into shape is just so painful and I dont wanna *pouty face*. But I also know that I will not make myself do anything at a regular gym. I need my ass kicked.

Luckily, thanks to good genes and a generally good diet, I can get away with sedentary lifestyle in winter. Barely. I definitely am getting some grandma flapper arms and a little more booty in the back.

I say "generally" good diet because on the weekdays I eat so clean its sad. Like, it actually hurts my soul. And I've eaten more plain chicken and veggies than I care to ever eat again. BUT, it is extremely good for you and since my mom is like, the healthiest person alive (not even joking) the worst food we have in the house is canned soup. I was raised on no soda, so I hate it, and barely any bread, cereal, chips or anything bad really ( I DO love carbs though). So 5 days a week I eat really great (a plus when living with the rents) but when The Boy and I get together its a total shitfest. Pizza, burgers, fries and Taco Bell. MMMMMM GET IN ME. Its terrible. We always say "we need to stop eating out", because a) expensive and b) terrible but we cant stop.

Its time.

Riding has usually kept me in pretty good shape, but since its winter and I'm not doing much of that....

My "fitness and health" goals for Feb:
1) Nix alcohol (a thing The Boy and I are trying)
2) Only 2 "eat-out" meals on weekends, the rest need to be groceries. Out of 6 meal possibilities, 2 isn't terrible. Plus I really like pizza, Okay?
3) CF or gym 3x's week MIN. And actually do something at said gym if its not CF. (this will be the hardest)
4) Ride 3x's a week at least, beneficial for everyone

PS I made some changes to my blog again because I have background ADD, let me know if something isnt working. I don't think the mobile app is connected right/ working because its all black on my app. Hopefully its working for y'all


  1. Yes! CrossFit is my other true love besides horses. You are right on, so many people need the structure of a class + coach, and would normally just wander into a regular gym and wonder what machine they should use (myself included). It really does work, and you don't have to buy into the protein shakes and hype. Just get yourself there and let your coach do the rest.

    1. I have to admit, PR'ing hang clean was a real joy. Love cleans more than any other movement. The structure of the WODs and coaching really help me

  2. I am WITH you on needing my ass kicked to get anything accomplished.

    When I was in college, I was super active in kickboxing/MMA. A small Filipino man was my trainer and he was crazy. Like, he would hit you with a stick while you were doing sit ups and make you run up and down the stairs of the gym so you could "sweat out the alcohol" the day after St. Patrick's Day. I have never been in better shape than when I had him yelling at me 4x/week.

    After college I was all like "yeah, I'll just set up my bag in the garage and keep doing pushups". Totally did not happen LOLZ

  3. I struggle SO MUCH getting to the gym. I just literally hate everything about it. Thanks for joining in on the hop -- and hopefully posting embarrassing facts like how little I work out every month will help me work out more. Hopefully.

    1. I hate the gym so much I don't go. I have a gym called "outside" and that is where I run. And a Pilates studio in my living room. AKA video workout podcasts!

    2. Oh I hate it too! I just know I NEED to go. Riding doesnt cut it if I sit in an office all day

  4. nice goals!! and probably pretty spot on. seriously, cutting out alcohol and eating out... definitely a pretty sure-fire way to see improvement. but, uh, also difficult to do! good luck!

  5. Why does everyone want to nix alcohol! NOOO YOU CAN'T MAKE ME! But for real, good goals, and nice remodel!!

    1. Oh I don't WANT to, but The Boy wants to try it

  6. I don't do CF but i do a HIT(High Intensity Training) Boot Camp, along with riding two to three ponies. I like the new BG,im still havong problems with mine!

  7. WORKING OUT IS SO HARD. Im in your boat, i feel you.

    but an on my phone it won't let me see your posts...its all black :)

  8. I love the new background. White backgrounds are so much easier to read on. :)

    This is a great post and I look forward to seeing how you do. I really should join because loading feed at work is killing me... (I sometimes move up to 2500lbs of feed in a day using a dolly which can move 500lbs at a time, but loading each bag by hand one at a time into vehicles). I need to work out. The sad thing is once I start doing it I love it! It's so addicting, but getting started is soooo hard! I know it would make me feel better.

    The good thing is I have the eating right thing down. I stopped drinking soda when I was ten, never really drank alcohol because it made me nauseous when I tried and now that I've gone gluten free (found out I have celiac) I've lost fifteen pounds without working out and don't eat fast food, processed food (like frozen dinners), no bread, etc. I feel so much better, but I do really lack in the muscle department so I need to work out. I cook all of my own food now and it was hard at first because I despise cooking, but after a year of being gluten free I would never go back. Homemade food is so much healthier than pre-made, processed crap. I have compared a homemade recipe to a ready made meal and the ingredients differences are unbelievable!!! Have you looked at how much crap is in some of the stuff people eat?? For stuff I can't make like peanut butter or whatever I get whichever one has the fewest ingredients. Seriously my peanut butter has roasted peanuts, sugar, palm oil and salt,.. that's it! No hydrogenated stuff and no ingredients I can't even pronounce. Eating healthier has made all the difference for me. Seriously check the ingredients on everything you buy. You will be amazed. Even something like chocolate chips (I have a weakness for sweets) can have as few ingredients as sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, butterfat, soy lecithin (I know soy should be avoided, but it's hard) and vanilla! Other kinds have like fifty ingredients in them! Wow, anyway, sorry for the novel. I totally got carried away. Maybe I should join the blog hop and do a post lol. Good luck!!!!