Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dear God

This is not your standard "complain about the weather post".

This is a "holy shit I might ACTUALLY freeze to death" post. 

I don't know how any of you are faring (I hope most of blogging friends are NOT in the northeast) with this bout of winter fuckery, but I think I'm dying. I cannot get warm, which is never a problem. As The Boy, I am constantly sweating. Its gross.

 Last winter wasn't even this brutal though. It was bad, and got really annoying, but not this cooooollllld. I don't live in Canada for a reason, but jesus Ohio, why?! TIME TO FLOCK SOUTH.

I'm hoping everyone is well, posting of all kinds seems to have slowed. For me, I know its because I'm not riding (*sobs*), but I enjoy the commenting, posting and reading even through the lulls. come back to me everyone! Where are you? Are you alive?! TELL ME ABOUT YOUR PONES.

To my best recollection I do not remember a winter this spastic or frigid. In one day this month the temp fluctuated 40*. FORTY. I also do not remember, in my brief existence, a base temperature of less than -8. Seen windchills of like -20 but not real temps. Thursday is going to be unbearable. They say it's a record low high. If that makes sense. And yay MORE snow on the weekend just in time for the monday morning commute (which in case youre wondering, is AWFUL in this type of condensation).

like....wut are dis
 If you don't hear from me by Saturday assume death. 

The horses seem fine though, despite my constant worrying that I will come out to find horsesicles. They've had all the hay they can eat and they seem quite warm in their double layered blankies. My sweet marshmallows! 

Horse care is not easy in the crazy cold, and deep down it's truly miserable, but really I don't mind it. Chopping frozen ice, lugging water, tossing hay, shoveling frozen shit, changing blankets and frozen fingers is as normal to me as brushing my teeth. But it goes without saying frozen barn doors are a PiTA.

What about you guys? How are y'all faring (to those in TX, GA & FL I DONT CARE GO AWAY


  1. We are having literally the strangest winter in Idaho, usually things are still pretty freaking cold here and we have been near 60 everyday for over a week, not complaining. That said, the state may literally burn to a crisp this summer, whatevs. Hope you survive and no one turns into a icicle!

  2. Michigan. I'll freeze first. Nuff said.

  3. In Pennsylvania it's pretty much the same.. though they are calling for 40 degrees and rain on Sunday, so I'm hopeful about that!

  4. Greetings from MN, where it is currently -9 (I checked!). My greatest sympathies on the frozen barn door situation - ours gets frozen open or shut at least 5 times every winter, and it drives me insane. I hope things warm back up soon for you guys and your ponies stay happy and healthy until then!

  5. Psh your temps swung 40 degrees in one day... at LEAST every other week, and usually once a week, all winter long the temp goes from about 80+ to 20ish. At LEAST twice a month, usually more like 4 times a month. For months. But those 80+ days though....


  7. Right?! WTF OHIO! I mean, I get that I live in the North, but this is freakin' ridiculous...

  8. Yeah I'm still in Missouri. It's gonna be 11 tomorrow and -2 tonight. I'm the only manager at the barn right now so I'm there all the time. Joyous.

  9. I would kill for 18 degrees. It's been double digits below zero every night for weeks, and only hits mid to low single digits during the day. It miiiiiiiiight hit double digits midday today, but it will be back into singles by the time I get out of work. SO OVER IT.

    1. Oh don't worry the windchill was subzero.

      Today the high was 2. Haha. Weather guys have been overshooting predictions a bit. Tomorrow is goin to destroy me. Idk how you've survived WEEKS of overnight lows below zero.

  10. The reason I haven't been posting is because I haven't been riding either. Bronchitis and lots of ice. Oh well. The snow is kind of fun since I rarely see it (maybe once a year, sometimes not at all). Our temps (south) have obviously not been as low as yours (although weeks of never going over 35F is strange for this area), but the wind chill is brutal. Luckily since I got my awesome LL Bean jacket for Christmas I haven't been nearly as miserable as in previous years. It's amazing the difference proper winter gear makes. I really hope the weather improves for you quickly and please be careful during your commute!!