Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Newton's Law

Crossing fingers that the indoor barn situation will work out (currently vying for position)because I am going more crazy than usual with the amount of riding I'm getting in.

Which is none.

100% by choice, but still...killin' me. Figured it was best to take a break from everything (including trailer loading and attempts to get to the indoor) until we figure out the barn situation and just let B be a horse. He's enjoying it thoroughly too. Mud is his favorite thing and he gives me heart attacks daily tearing around his field whenever the wind blows. Not sure if this is excess energy from not being ridden, or just his normal energy in general. Either way, its pretty cute/terrifying.

I didn't tell anyone until it was solidified and in writing, but I switched jobs and I start next Monday. My last position was AMAZING, but only temporary help for AEP (insurance terminology). They helped me get my licensing and I know too much about insurance now, but I was grateful for the experience. But now I am a real real adult with a real real, full time job in a big city & I need to do real adult things. Anyways, I've been unemployed for over a month and its been HELL.

You literally go crazy.

I think I have some form of SADS or February Funk because I have had zero motivation to do anything of worth. Lack of riding is not helping.

But it has given me an insane amount of time to do some thinking. Lots and lots of thinking.

For one, need to revamp "Feb Goal List Thing"

-->to recap:
       1. Nix alcohol
       2. Only 2 "eat out meals a week"
       3. Ride 3x's week
       4. Gym 3x's week

1. Okay. You all told me. Nixing alcohol was dumb. I'm 24 for crying out loud and have friends that go out. I think it should've been a "drink one night a week" or "don't drink yourself into oblivion on those nights". I "could" make this rule happen, but I also am really into peer pressure. That being said, we really did only drink on Saturdays, sooo...win?

2. We ACTUALLY did amazing on the take out rule. Rocked it surprisingly. Not sure if because literally broke, or we don't want to be fat anymore, but we never once broke this rule.

3. This one wasn't working out and probably can't work out until something changes. Working on that.

4. I tried to gym at home. I really did. I was all like "YEAH WILL RUN EVERYDAY.. BIKINI SEASON". But then I forgot its really cold outside with dumb windchills & I have no hamster wheel. I did "okay" with doing body weight exercises inside, but half the time I would do like 30 air squats and a few push-ups and be like, sweet, TV TIME. #Fail #NeedACoach The ONLY thing that has saved me is my diet. Like, seriously, its really good. But I also have all the time in the world to cook right now.

Bacardi stretches and works out everyday
With work starting up again that means my lifestyle will be changing again. Luckily, I'm the type of person that THRIVES on being busy. I obviously do not do well on my own and turn into a giant slug that accomplishes nothing. I am Newton's Law..."objects in motion will stay in motion and objects at rest will stay at rest"<---me br=""> I also think half the problem is non specifics. General or broad goals leave me a lot of room to negotiate with myself. Its a real issue. First step is admitting you have a problem. Check.

B has no problem getting all 4 off the floor
That being said, "My Brand New 6 Week Goal Plan" was born inside my brain and since I have no horse posts to write, I figured I would continue onward with the Fitness Blog Hop with spanking new ideas.

In the Fitness area; I sadly will not have access to a CrossFit gym. Its not in the budget and Fancy Adult Job (FAJ) provides a gym for all employees (YAY!). This is an interesting issue, because I won't have to pay for a gym & it will be inside my building BUT I won't have someone to kick my ass everyday. I will attempt to follow the WODs daily, but I have a tendency to fall back on the normal "jog on the treadmill for ten and then pick things up and put them down" because I am lazy. Solution, print off giant photo of Nina Agdal and worship her abs. #Motivation.

Seriously though, I downloaded the WOD app, I packed a gym bag and intend to stick to it. At least 3 days a week I shall gym. I SHALL.

In the Food area; Like I said, I actually have a pretty excellent diet...almost strictly Paleo 5 days a week. I still heart dairy, but whatever, I have no desire to go full Paleo because that would suck all the joy out of life. I also tried strict Paleo for a month and literally almost died. My body was like

I thought it would be super duper difficult to make the change and eat a certain way (because lets be real, I fucking LOVE food..and not the kind that is good for you). The best tip I found was "find what you like to eat and eat it". The easiest thing for me was to print out a giant sheet of "paleo approved foods" and circle what I knew I liked and go from there. I chose paleo because it has a ton of options and a lot of the stuff is super tasty (see below for my daily ritual). Trust me, as a picky eater myself, it IS possible to eat well.

As for my "goals" though I will keep it as is. No more than 2 "eat-out" meals a week and attempt to keep balanced meals throughout the week once I start work. Food prep food prep food prep..necessary evil. I also have an stupid hard time staying hydrated. I can go all day at home without a drop of water. First step will be finding a jug or bottle. Second step, chug that shit all day. Drink all the water.

**Warning, lengthy explanation next, skipping allowed**

You can't just eat whatever you want though on Paleo. I mean, bacon is Paleo approved and I couldn't just eat bacon all day. Though that was would be awesome.

I learned that veggies and fruits are your friend. Get as colorful as possible (hard for me, because veggies are disgusting). Protein is necessary, and chicken is a lean option, but definitely not limited to that. Whole grains are an excellent way to stay full longer. And good fats are a requirement.
With tons of research I learned how to mix & match and what was best to eat when. For me, I eat a HUGE breakfast. Its actually extremely difficult for me because I'm not a huge breakfast person, & it usually takes me an hour to get it all down. But I usually have a breakfast quiche (turkey, egg, cheese all baked), with some whole grain "cereal" (home made grain mixes) & as much fruit as I can stomach, plus coffee! Tons of protein, some fats, and some short/long lasting carbs. I only like apples and strawberries for the most part. Today I tried Almond milk infused quinoa with almonds and berries. Sometimes I make cottage cheese pancakes, and those are really tasty protein nuggets. This week I'm trying Protein muffins!
For lunch I try to eat as many veggies as I can stuff down, with some protein (3oz). I HATE veggies. They seriously taste like dirt. So I tend to stick to big (mean BIG) salads with chicken or turkey meat and just oil/vinegar as a dressing, lettuce & meat wraps, a shitload of carrots with protein...or dinner leftovers! This week I am trying Tuna Patties and Avacado Tuna Salads for lunch!
For dinners, its usually some form of chicken (occasionally pork, beef or fish) and a ton of veggies. I stick with sweet potatoes, asparagus and brussel sprouts. I hate all of it but I know its good for me so I just stuff it down and salt it a bit. I'm obsessed with quinoa and have an amazing Lime Chicken & Black Bean Quinoa Salad recipe as well as a bangin Quinoa & Turkey Chili. This week I'm trying Rosemary Chicken and Salmon with Sweet Potato Fries!
I also eat a lot of whole grain snacks and fruit/cheese in between meals. I also drink 2 cups of green tea a day in addition to my morning coffee. I swear by it!
 I pretty much eat the same thing everyday. Its easy when you have a routine & things you know you like. BUT, with limited time at home to prep, I'm wondering how bored I will get with the "routine" meals I've been eating that are quick to make. Lately I've been trying to vary it a lot since I have the time to cook it. My mom LITERALLY has eaten the same thing for lunch for like 5 years. Not even joking. The same thing. I cannot do that, but I also will have very limited time to cook and cooking actually takes a while. Will have to figure out what will work best with time and space constraints. #ThatGirl #BigAssCooler

**OK its over!**

As far as alcohol goes...I think sticking to one day a week is reasonable. I'm a huge fan of vodka, wine a beer stouts

When its comes to horsey things...Bacardi is at least getting the rest of Feb off. Its going to kill me, but I know its probably best for now. After that, if we get the barn spot, I intend to ride 4x's a week. I would like to start incorporating pole/jump work into our sessions and can't wait for the opportunity if that happens. Again, I would like more consistency with transitions, especially UP. His lateral work has a lot to be desired too. Straight and forward is more important to me than sideways when beginning lateral work. Jumping wise I want to introduce baby grids. 

I can haz jumps
I also have a few things I've always wanted to try my hand at. For one, we all know I'm obsessed with polos. But did y'all know I can sew? Yeah, machine or by hand. Thank you Grandma! I would LOVE to make some really cool polo wraps or even take an old tattered sheet and make it into a quarter sheet for riding. I think those would be really cool projects! I also have ALWAYS wanted a wooden tack trunk. Thanks to my dad, I am slightly skilled in woodworking and I know with blueprints I could figure out how to put one together. I'm actually a huge fan of powertools, which comes in really handy when making repairs at the barn. 

I also still need to clean my tack. And attach the plates to Bacardi's things.

Other...I didn't have this "category" before, but I feel its necessary. The Boy and I discussed being productive and using our brains to promote feelings of well-being and purpose. I actually MISS college.. We decided to learn spanish. I was HORRENDOUS at foreign language all through school so I know this one will be tough for me. But, The Boy was once fluent, so with his help I think its possible. 

I've also wanted to start tart a travel savings account with said Boy, in addition to contributing to real real adult savings accounts. Because travel.

I also also started an Etsy for my artwork and am really hoping to get a few more commissions this year. Mostly I've just been doodling and I have no real goal or purpose in mind when I pick up a pen, pencil or paintbrush.

I should also prob get away from drawing thoroughbreds that look left ...haha!

Lastly, I've been putting off reorganizing/updating my ipod for ages. I might be the only person on the planet with an ipone that doesn't have music on it, but I prefer my tiny nano ipizzle when working out/riding. I literally only have one playlist though..and all the music is from like, middle school. Need. Organization.

So to recap, in case anyone got lost/bored along the way...

1. Gym at least 3x's a week, stick to WODs, motivate thyself however possible
2. Food no more than 2 "eat-out" meals a week, drink all the water & don't get bored with meals and cheat
3. Alcohol saturdays only
4. Riding nothing until Mar 1, then 4x's week. Lateral work (forward, straight), Transitions (esp UP), introduce baby grids
5. Horse stuff learn how to make polos, quarter sheet, tack box (and make them), actually clean my tack and attach tags to said tack
6. Non-horse stuff start to learn spanish, travel savings account, organize music, make Etsy better, art more

Thank you all for your attention..now bak to your regularly scheduled programming


  1. Ooooh this was an interesting read! Yay adult job! I loved your eating suggestions. And your drawings are swoon

  2. Replies
    1. https://www.etsy.com/shop/VollartDesigns?ref=hdr_shop_menu

      Here it is! Doi! I don't know why I didnt think to do that haha

  3. Congrats on the new job! That is a big acomplishment! I feel you on Newton's Law. That is me, to a T. Best of luck with all your goals!

  4. I struggle with Newton's Law also. Great goals, love the sound of that food, and the drawings are really good!

  5. Solid plan. Get after it!!! :) y buena suerte!
    Maintaining even a minimal level of hydration is SO freaking hard for me too.

  6. You are adulting so hard right now. Mini applause for you at my house! And you already know how I feel about your art skills.

  7. Congrats on your new job! And I feel you on the February funk (as you know...)

    I also cannot gym at home because tv and computer and refrigerator. But even though I don't have a personal trainer and someone telling me to move my ass, just being at the gym surrounded by other gym goers helps motivate me. I was the same way about studying in college - could not study at home, had to go to the library and surround myself with other people doing what I needed to do!

  8. congrats on the job!! that's super exciting and i hope you find yourself settling into an awesome new rhythm. love your new goals too - good luck! (also - love all the pics of B being a nut haha)

  9. Ew gross Bacardi!! I saw these on IG the other day. He's definitely got some moves! I'm glad he's having fun!!!

    Congrats on the new job! That is awesome!! For the SAD please take vitamin d. It is cheap, over the counter, can buy it anywhere and it makes a huge difference. I had mine tested and it was really low so I take 5000 I.U.s a day, but 2000 I.U.s a day is the normal dose if you can't get yours checked right now.

    Oh wow I'm the exact same way about drinking water! It's the only thing I drink, but I don't drink enough of it. It's a struggle to try to drink enough to stay hydrated. So annoying. I've been trying some Gatorade and grape juice to mix things up and it's a bit better, but... eh... always a struggle.

    Cottage cheese pancakes?? Apples and strawberries are the only fruit you like?? I thought I was picky!! Wow! On veggies have you ever tried roasted asparagus (olive oil, salt, cook in oven)? It's delicious!! I used to hate veggies, but as I explore different ways to eat it I'm actually learning that I like a bunch of them. What about beans? Field peas are amazing, lentils are pretty good, navy and pinto beans are yummy. It sounds like your diet is really good, but definitely try other fruits and veggies even if you think you won't like them. Like you said with the bacon, you can't eat only one thing. Moderation and variety are key for a well balanced diet.

    You should share some of your Quinoa recipes. I just bought some, but I've never even tasted it and I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do with it. If you can manage to get sweet potatoes down have you ever tried butternut squash? You can eat it dressed up exactly like a sweet potato and it tastes way better! I don't care for sweet potatoes, but I like butternut squash. Actually I'm getting hooked on all sorts of squash (besides yellow and zuchinni eww). I love acorn, spaghetti and butternut the best. :)

    You have me totally beat on the big breakfast and the green tea. I can't stand tea of any kind (I've tasted a LOT of them... honestly I'm just not into hot beverages). I also can't eat breakfast... I've tried to force myself to, but I feel awful all day when I do. So kudos on that one!

    With the mixing it up for lunches... you know there are a million different ways to eat a salad right??? I had one the other day with romaine, baby greens, chicken, blue cheese, nuts, apples, strawberries, carrots and blueberries. To be honest my favorite salads are made with spinach. It's way better than lettuce lol.

    Oh and Newton's Law is totally me too! So annoying!