Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gone For A Minute

I have really missed the blogging scene.

After I write this post I plan on catching up with as many blogs as humanely possible. Who knew you could actually miss internet friends & their lives?

I've literally not done anything besides gym, work &  workout since my last post. And take pictures of sunsets.

Which means I also haven't ridden since my lesson on April 1 (with the exception of yesterday) due to the weather and work. The weather has been atrocious. So bipolar and shitty; mud, mud everywhere. Work also is kickin' my ass ya'll. If given the chance I will never live farther than 15 minutes from my place of work ever again. 40 minute commutes essentially destroy your days and the 10-7 schedule is horrendous. So theres that.

The horses have thoroughly enjoyed their "vacation". I literally didn't touch them for 2 weeks. I barely had time to drag my butt into the shower and collapse into bed, let alone mess with them. I really think they had no qualms with it though. They got good and dirty, ate new spring grass & didn't have to do any work and still got fed at regular intervals. What more could an equine want?

Now that I have acclimated to the schedule change at work, I decided to overwork myself yesterday by doing all the things. On top of one of the most intense upper body Crossfit workouts I've ever done, I decided to split one of the pastures into paddocks so the grass can grow in. This involved hand pounding metal posts into the ground, and stringing electric tape, moving round bales and round bale feeders and cleaning, scrubbing and moving the water tub. Naturally, the pain game in my upper body is real today. But now the babes have their own paddock, with their own hay and the field can finally grow in!

Girl power
I also dug the bests out of their mud covered hairy bodies. I specifically bought an industrial sized curry comb with a HANDLE because I broke (yes, broke) THREE rubber curry combs trying to tackle the mud and hair on previous occasions. It will take several sessions, but hopefully they can be slick and shiny soon like everyone else's horses.

Hair pile
It felt so wonderful to swing my leg over a saddle after almost 3 weeks absence.

Lilly is finally over her bitchy mare heat emotional issues and she was a total doll. Bacardi was a little hyped, but honestly he has settled so much in the last month or so. Glad winter is OVER to say the least. I didn't do much with either, just about a 20 minute hack. I had intended to ride today too, but I woke up to a torrential downpour and it hasn't stopped since.

In other news, Yankee competed at Holly Hill this weekend! Full and total coverage in another post later this week.

Also also, who is going to Rolex?? I will be there with Levi and a few local equestrian friends. Holla t yo girl!


  1. Nice work on the paddocks! And yay for mares finishing up being in heat!

  2. Nice work on the paddocks! And yay for mares finishing up being in heat!

  3. I was wondering when you were going to come back. Hooray! Total beast mode yesterday. I would have died.

  4. Excited for more updates on ALL THE THINGS!

  5. Yay riding! Yay beautiful sunsets! YAY!!!

  6. OMG I so feel you on the rain and the mud! This *sucks*. If I didn't love my man so much, I would be screaming out of TN in a hot minute. At least I have a teacher to trailer to every now and then, when I can borrow the truck and trailer.

    Hang in there ... they tell me things do dry up around here eventually, so it must be the same there!

  7. glad you finally got some ride time in! excited to hear about Yankee too :)

  8. OMG that pile of hair looks like dead creatures. That really scared me at first!

  9. I have missed your blog!! I would absolutely hate that 10-7 schedule :/ least your commute is 40 mins thoug and not nearly 2 hrs like mine...its a give and take, I wouldnt be in the right area for horse keeping if I lived close to work!

  10. That schedule and commute sounds horrible!! I'm glad you're adjusting. My schedule has kept me grounded too. I can't wait to read about Yankee. As you know I'm going to Rolex too and I really hope we can meet!!


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