Thursday, May 7, 2015

Life in Shambles

I've been told sometimes I'm a little too dramatic.

But friends, this is serious shit.

I thought I had a hold on life happenings. I really did. I acquired a real person job, I starting saving my money, I became single, joined a gym, I sent Yankee to a show home and I began riding a little more. Albeit, a crazy horse, but it was happening...a little.

But I fell off the wagon recently.

Apparently I cannot function without a phone.

I am not ashamed to admit that I fall loosely under the category of a "millennial" and apparently cannot human without a tiny, square, technological device near me at all times.

I was never one to be attached at the eyeballs, but "to the hip" is an appropriate statement.

And now I has none, and my life is in shambles.

What is Facebook? How do I snapchat? Is Instagram a thing? How do I know if people are alive? How do I take pictures of things. HOW DO I WAKE UP ON TIME.

Its like I've completely fallen off the face of the earth. No one knows how to reach me, and I cannot reach anyone else. I feel so alone.

I'm scared.

Is anyone else out there? Do people exist outside of the internet and social media? I'm convinced that they do not.

So I literally do not know what ANYONE has been up to for the last two weeks. I can confidently say that I've visited Facebook twice on my PC, and not read one blog, nor blogged myself. I miss Instagram something fierce. I miss all the ponies. Everyone's ponies. Snapchat was my tie to Yankee, and I dont have that either and I feel like I'm dying inside. I did everything off the phone...everything.

Apparently you CAN be addicted to an app, I've discovered.

Drama aside, really though, you try it. I bet you can't. Everyone's all like "yeah not having a phone would be nice and going unplugged for a while would be chill" but you can always pick up your phone after a few hours away from the world.


Friends, do not drop your phone on a pond. Or any other body of moisture.

11 more days and I can person again.

Also, I do really own a horse, a swear. And I do ride.

The equines are doing wonderful actually; blooming, if you will. They adore their turnout in the grassy fields and B will gallop around at minimum, 5 minutes each time I turnout. Fat and happy beasts.

 I have not ridden once though (big surprise) since my last fabulous ride 2 weeks ago (which I have yet to blog about) due to an unfortunate bout with a mild case of rhabdo, in addition to having come down with a cold after Rolex..

Apparently sitting in rain for 6 hours gets you sick. Who knew.

Fellow blogging friends
It also appears I have 87% immersed into the Crossfit cult and I literally destroyed my arms doing a hero WOD (for those non-CFers, that woudl be a stupid hard workout that no one should ever attempt ever because so hard).

I knew it was too much for me, but the competitive edge came out and I worked until I couldn't anymore. I also wasn't last to finish, go me. In return, I got T-rex arms and couldn't do shit with them for over a week. I still feel like I just stepped out of a rough workout, so note to self, quit when you know you should or you will be half paralyzed for quite some time.

Hopefully, one day soon I will return to the side of the living, but until then, enjoy this picture of Levi being precious.

**let it be known I am well aware there are worse things to happen. The struggle bus is real though and I am the captain


  1. It's about time you made a come back! Life will be brilliant when the phone returns to the hip.

  2. That SUCKS.

    Also that crossfit meme had me in complete stitches

  3. First, I am T-Rex too, hear me struggle with weights!

    Second, I fully appreciate the predicament you're in ATM and it SUCKS! May the force be with you these next eleven days, eep!

  4. Come back to the dark side.

  5. Such self control to stay phone free. I would freak out on day one. I'd rather lose my wallet than my phone.

  6. I didn't last a day when my last phone died. All phones now go in lifeproof cases - you're much stronger than I!

  7. hope you can replace your phone soooon!

  8. that is rough, at least you have Levi!

  9. Yikes! That muscle thing sounds scary! I'm glad you're okay.

    The only thing I do on my phone is make phone calls (rarely), text (often) and take pictures (sometimes). I don't have a smart phone. No internet. LOL! I do everything on my computer at home. :) So I could probably do without the phone (other than the fear of driving without one... I'm weird), but please don't take my computer/internet away at home!!!!!!