Saturday, June 6, 2015

Whats New

I dont have many words to write, just a lot of pictures to share. Because pictures.

Per usual, we haven't been up to much. Usually its because of work, this time its because of Bacardi the Face Basher.

Its healing pretty great actually.

Re-trailer training isnt going as well. Hes taken to stomping on it as if hes offended.

Okay B. Whatever. I'll take it slow with you. Again.

He's been phenomenal on the lunge line though. PHENOM.

Many shiny. Such gorgeous.

Can we please.

He was a little more tense to the left, which is odd for him, but we worked through it.

A wee bit stuck
There we go, a little less tense
We (Amy and myself) were supposed to jump lesson today since we are trying to get our butts to a show on the 27th but PerfectTrainer had to cancel on us. Sadface. 

I've been riding Lilly Belle a bit to her dismay haha. Shes also scheduled for some torture trail riding tomorrow with a few friends.



  1. I'm so glad his face is healing up so well!! I'm curious, if he can wear his bridle for longeing how come you can't ride him? I hope you can get back to riding and jump lessons soon. Good luck with the trailer training... it's one of my least favorite activities, but that's because trailers cause massive anxiety in me... probably why Chrome hate them. I love the pictures of you on Lilly and B looks GREAT in the longeing pictures. Such a great mover! :D

    1. The dressage bridle is low enough and loose enough it stays out of his way. His jump bridle is a fig 8 and would cross over his wound. Really though I just wanted to do some low key work. He was sore from flailing around and just hyped in general. Wanted to give him a break. Thank you though :))

  2. That makes sense! I hope his soreness goes away quickly. He sure did a number on himself. We need to invent a horse trailer that is fully padded... Even the top lol!

  3. Can I share a trailering trick with you. Not trying to tell you how to do things, but it works well for me and I have used it to teach all of mine to self load. If you take a lunge line and run it through the escape door or window and then attach it to your horse. Then the other end can come back into your hand as you stand outside the trailer. You use this to keep your horse facing into the trailer, don't try to use it to pull the horse in. This way you are not in the trailer while trying to get them to load in. Then step behind the shoulder and encourage forward motion. I do use a whip to tap, tap and get annoying until they step forward. Lots of praise and encouragement but because you are not in front of them you can drive them better. I hope I have explained this to where you understand it. I now just send them forward into the trailer and they all load on their own.

    1. He absolutely will not tolerate anyone beside or behind him. That's how he busted his face. Unless I want to get kicked I wouldn't ever try this. Thank though! I appreciate it.

  4. I'm super impressed with your lunging picture taking skillz. I can NEVER get coordinated enough to do that, lol