Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Not Wordless Wednesday

ISince I'm stuck on mostly unrelated horse posts for now, I decided to jump on the blog hop train game and give a glimpse into my daily scene at the office.

Sure, she asked like 12 days ago, but whatever. 

Viva Carlos mentioned she has a few friends that work for Google. I for one, am extremely jealous of that fun fact. She also wondered where the rest of us work and asked for pictorial tours of the office. 

Since this is an insurance company and HIPAA laws are weird, I'm not 100% sure what I can "legally" display, & you can never be too careful... so here are some really boring pics of what I stare at daily in order to fund my horse addiction. 

Welcome to Dayton, OH. 

I lovingly refer to Dayton, OH as the "Dirty D" & my distain/ fear for this place far surpass any slight fondness I might actually have for it. Hint, there is none. 

The only slight saving grace in this city is the amount of fuckery that goes on in this fountain on a daily basis. It's right outside my building and provides hours of entertainment.  I've actually seen homeless people bathing in there. Once, I saw a man fully clothed, in a suit, with his shoes and all, walk right in it and across. What even. 

I currently live in a cubicle sea for about 8 hours a day 

Considering I spend most of my day here I decided to spruce my space up with a little love

I have a few paintings I've done, my horsebeast children by my side and my Mizzou representation to keep me company daily. 

I also spend a lot of time when we are slow, drawing. 

Ahhh yes. The life of an OH insurance agent. It's super glamorous. 

Bas much as I kid, hey, it pays the bills & I'm grateful to be gainfully employed 


  1. Those drawings are great! At least the downtown looks pretty in pictures!

  2. I would love to have my own cubicle again!! I hate my job I have right now where I never have a place of my own to escape the idiots I work with. Anyway that's irrelevant. I love your cubicle. Your art is amazing. That lion picture is awesome!