Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thoughtful Thurdsay

Bacardi is still lame as a 3 legged racehorse and it's making me sad/mad. 

Like, be better already. 

So I hopped on the Lilly Bug yesterday and took her for a spin, because why not. 

**sidenote, posting this using the app and I'm pretty sure the pics won't be very big/centered. I'm sorry. I hate blogger. 

Not 100% sure what I'm doing here but yeah. She's adorable. 

She's such a cool horse. I keep forgetting I own her because I rarely ride her, but she's truly a special gem. 

I usually dislike mares. I will not buy another unless they have magic feet or poop money. They're so moody and I've had some issues with bitchy mares in the past. Cannot deal. But Lilly rocks my socks. 

After figuring out that she cannot tolerate bits and prefers a hackamore, she turned into one of my ever. 

I just hop on her and quite literally fuck around. She does sliding stops, canters from a halt and has the nicest gallop I've ever ridden.  

(Sitting a sliding stop is harder than you think)

She's an easy keeper (minus winter). She's never lame. 
She's black and shiny (childhood dreams) and swoll AF
She's sweet as pie. 
She's inexpensive as far as horses go. 

Plus she will just stand there until you tell her to move. A nice break from the fidgety OTTBs I'm used to. She's so chill. And does not give a fuck about anything. 

I love her. 

I feel like anyone could ride her and I wouldn't worry. 

And dat ass. 

Such a nice lady. I'm glad she's mine.  She deserves more recognition on this blog. Updates coming ;)


  1. I love my Bacon horse. And being around the thoroughbreds. But, I really do love my cow ponies. They are pretty damn awesome. She is adorable.

  2. Aww what a sweet maresie. Mares for life!

  3. She's pretty awesome sounding. Mares remind me of why I usually like working more with men lol.

  4. She does have a great ass!!!! Oh and I forgot to mention in the previous post B is soooo shiny! Lilly is too. Do you feed flax?? Lilly looks like a lot of fun. Sometimes it's nice to just ride an uncomplicated horse and goof off. :D I can't wait until Rocky can be ridden again. I miss riding not-green horses. :)