Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Baby Growing Up

This past weekend my little nugget went to school.

I felt like a real parent, even mentioning to The Boy that I was nervous about him behaving, and what if the other horses were mean to him or what if the teacher didnt like him?

I was a mess.

The Boy and I had been invited to a weekend away filled with dinners, and dressing up and a Broadway show, so when a last minute XC schooling opp cropped up, I was sorely tempted to cancel on our fancy plans, but didn't.

I adulted and sent my kid to school.

I've NEVER, repeat, never, paid anyone else to ride my horse.

It felt weird...and liberating.

For one, I've never taken the Red One XC schooling. For two, I wasn't in town. For three, Supertrainer is amazing and was not baffled by me texting her a thousand times, asking if he trailered OK and if he was dead or broke a leg. For Four, I can almost afford it.

I was most anxious about him trailering. No one else, in over a year, has tried to load him, and he's only been regularly trailering in my two horse. He did  not really like Amy's slant load, and that is what Supertrainer had.

I'm pretty sure my heart almost exploded with anxiety, hoping the nugget would behave and not embarrass me or rip himself open on something.

If this is comparable to having human children, don't sign me up. I can't take it.

However, I received that sweet, sweet text that gave me great relief when Supertrainer said "He got in after about 4 minutes of thinking, no problem".


I waited for a few hours to hear anything, assuming the worst, but knowing that she was just teaching and riding. Then, I had to turn my phone off, because apparently thats the respectable thing to do at Broadway, and while I enjoyed the broadway experience, all I could think about was the Nugget.

During intermission I checked my phone and get another relief text stating that he was a doll. Even with all the commotion going around, he worked out of his anxiety and popped over all the BN fences with no issues, AT ALL.

He then got right back in the trailer on the way home without any pause.

We've been having really great rides together too, just no photos. Which is crushing my soul. Really digging the indoor and being able to consistently ride though.


  1. Sounds like a good experience all around. :-)

  2. Way to be a grown up, Bacardi!!

  3. Hah, I'd never had someone else ride my horse either before I got Miles. And now, I'm all about it. JUST FIX IT. Kay thanx. Apparently my skill in life is throwing money at my problems?